Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 172, The Human Is Programmable.

Now, have a look. You know that when you get  any animal in your home, you get them when they are very small, you take care of them and you feed them, you play with them, do all these things humans do with their pets and understand you have taken them from their mother and now they are in your care. Who can tell me, that they had/have an animal that changed itself of what it is and start to completely behave and live like a human...??   If you have a cat at home, and you took the cat when it was just a little kitty, that cat will NOT turn out to be human-like ever and understanding human language and all that stuff, this doesn't happen.  This cat will always stay a cat no matter what.  Oh yes, some people will say, yeah but you can teach them tricks and stuff. Yes you may teach them tricks and stuff, but that doesn't change them that they will become like you, and behave completely like you. They will be just a dog, or a cat or whatever animal that you trained to do some tricks. They will stay a specific animal that you just trained to do a trick.


Now when it comes to the human, that is something else. If you took the human from it's mother when it is very small and you place this human with any other animal, this human will become like the animal that will take care of it. This happens even in the human cultures themselves between humans, if you were born in one specific country and from certain specific parents with specific language and culture and they took you to another culture and another language, you will copy this culture and language and will never know about where you came from if they will not tell you. So it happens when with the animals to, the same thing happens. The human will live like the animals that took care of it. These kind of individuals are being called in this world: '' Farel Children''   which means  ''Wild children'' 

Now i am  going to place two videos here. The first one is from history channel, and within this video you will notice some of the ignorance of some scientists, that believe/think that it is impossible that a child can be brought up by wild animals, because these wild animals will be more likely to kill the children, then to raise them up. In this video one can also see how scientist are trying sometimes to keep people from not finding out something or to come to question ourselves as humans, and one can also see how we humans think/believe that we are more superior then animals. The scientists in this video are attempting to, to make it look like these children are like this, because somehow they were born with some abnormality/handicap.

Now in the second one here, i will let you see a VIDEO made from a child that was brought up by dogs and that was behaving and doing everything like dogs, because her parents abandon her. This child was perfectly a normal child. What i am bringing to your attention here is the point that we as humans are PROGRAMMABLE...!!!   The input will be equal to the output. As i mentioned in the beginning from this thread, an animal will not change it's behaviour just because it is being brought up by a human being or another animal, the animal will continue being what it is, if it is an Ape, a Wolve, a Cat, a Dog, whatever..................even if it was for purposes of surviving, they will be what they are according to their design as the animal that they are. Thus the Ape, will be an Ape, the Wolve will be a Wolve, the Cat will be a Cat and the Dog will be a matter what. Even if one would place a baby Ape to be raised by Wolves that baby Ape will not behave like Wolves and due to this  not be an Ape anymore, it will continue being an Ape.  But with the human this doesn't happen..!!   Now understand that Scientists are looking at animals as lesser then humans, so to them this is the reason why the animals don't get to behave like the human or another animal if they were to be raised by another specie that is not their own. The whole ''intelligence'' bullshit talk will come in the forefront. The video below shows very clearly that we humans are programmable to whatever input we receive. Now this is a problem, it is not something to be proud of or to see as some superiority thing. It means that there is something that is wrong with the human that is keeping the human to NOT be what it is as what it is designed to be, thus a HUMAN being a human physical form, being real, NATURAL.  And as the man asks in the video below: ''so, what is it that makes us a human..??''   This question is an important question.


Now lets have a look at something very interesting. We humans give ourselves many names and titles and words that discribe what we belief we are.  Lets give a few examples.

Now i will use animals again for this purpose. In the animal world we as humans accept the female  and the male form as words to discribe some specific animal specie, regarding their sex. But when it comes to the human, this female word, is not used that much, what we use the most is the WOMAN word. It is another name for the female form as the human body. So the word woman is a derivative of what the body of this human is, which in this case is a FEMALE body. The word female is the correct discribtion to what the body is and to what it's functionality intails as a physical manifested form of LIFE. The word woman on the other hand is much more in separation to what the body is. You may ask, why so..?? Well it is simple. With woman there are many many social and individual believes interpretations/views/pereceptions connected to it, as in pertaining to the personalities/characters that we belief a ''woman'' must have or be.  Let me give you an example: '' woman walk on high heels, woman put skirts on, woman are emotional, woman are the ones that take care of the children and home better, woman are more caring, woman are less stronger then man, woman think differently, woman are sexy, woman are shopaholics....etc etc...............But when it comes to the word FEMALE body, that is what it is, and that female body has it's functions as a female body. So we use words and we live these words as what we are being taught these words represent. Because understand, you can call a female cat a woman all you want, but this female cat will NOT start acting/behaving differently to what it is as a female cat as is her functionality within  her physical design to live on this earth. So the word woman separate us more from our nature of our body, in this case the female body, now the same goes for the male body as well. So we are programming ourselves to be more separate of what we really are as a human physical form, so much so, that i can definately say, that we are NOT living as the form we are HERE, we are living as personalities/characters in a mind, that live out what is being put into it, with other words, it live out it's programmings. So for us to be/become one and equal with and as our human physical form, we MUST let go of these programmings, for we are lost if we do NOT birth ourselves within and as our human physical form, the part of us that is really real and HERE.


Larry Manuela

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