Thursday, 1 November 2012

Day 154, What Is There In My Name: Larry..?? SCS Part 3

I am finishing now with the last phase of my self-commitments statements for on the last one blog i wrote in previous blogs. I will share the link to this one below.








Self-commitment statements:



I commit myself to let go of my self-created positive energy experiences that are based on memories of my name being called/spoken in certain/specific way and just make sure that whenever i see myself going into or about to go into creating states of positive energy experiences within myself i just STOP and make sure i am focus on my breathing till i am clear and stable and nothing moves within me, and forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to react within myself based on memories that i created within myself to hold on to this positive energy creation.

I commit myself to stop myself giving the personality i created within myself in the past in relation to my name being spoken/called in certain/specific manner whereby the more and more energy it takes  to exist within me and to take decisions on my behave instead of me taking my own decision and directive principle for myself and by  decisions, i mean the ones  that will be BEST for all. So i commit myself to find all the characters/personalities i created within myself in relation to my name to delete them one by one and all the patterns they have as connection within myself till i am free and no character is within me anymore, and it is just me acting out of my own self directive principle.

I commit myself to NOT let my mind interpretation be in my way, and just STOP myself the moment i see myself going into or about to go into mind interpretation regarding my name being called/spoken in a sweet and whispered  way as i have it within my memory bank, as how my mother used to call me or speak to me when i was little, but i just STOP and BREATHE till i am clear and stable and nothing moves within me as me as the mind, and from this i then express.

I commit myself to let go of the memory i have created within myself of a worrying voice to be interpreted as if because of this that someone really cares for me, whenever i hear this similar voice tonality in someone else if they use their voice in a similar manner my mother used to use it when i was little and wherein a took that and made a memory that i will use later on to ignite the same feeling of ''feeling good'' within me, and just STOP and BREATHE till i am clear and stable and nothing moves within me as my mind interpretation.

I commit myself to not react in the way i use to react when my father spoke my name in certain/specific funny way to influence me to have a happy feeling within me, because my father in my memories as i have placed him there in order to use that memory in other similar situations and events for me to ignite and go through the same ''happy feeling'' again in that particular moment that will arise, without seeing/realizing/understanding that it is a character taking over and deciding for me so that i can have my additional drug as ''happy feelings'' to exist within me for a while as energy.

I commit myself to make sure i am sharp as a hawk watching my own mind movements and programming to get to know me as such and take directive principle myself and not let my mind decide for me based on some memories within it, as what i would feel or not feel and even if i should feel or not feel. And make sure i BREATHE and stay HERE clear and stable.


Larry Manuela.

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