Saturday, 10 November 2012

Day 161, When Happiness Turns Into Sadness. Part 3

I am now continuing my self-commitment statements in regards to to the self-forgiveness statements i made yesterday. I will place the two links from the previous one's here below.


Self-commitment statements:

I commit myself to whenever i see myself going into or about to go into feelings of loosing someone that i care for, to in that moment when that feeling or emotion pop up, to immediately STOP, and take as many deep breaths as possible till i am clear and stable and remain like this, and if something should come up within me, i immediately do self-forgiveness on it, and continue breathing.

I commit myself to make sure i become more and more aware of the whom i am as the physical body that is HERE in this world and in this physical reality, and this share it with others so they may to, find it within them to become aware of whom they are as the real physical body that is here, that is the real whom we are, and then live as one as equal as this body within and as this physical existence with all it's forms and manifestations, one and equal.

I commit myself as i move along becoming more grounded within and as my human physical body, to in this process make sure i share myself and to gift others the understanding based on common sense, so they to can understand that thoughts/feelings/emotions are NOT the way to go, and that one MUST STOP participations in these in order for one to truly change oneself into an individual whom will do always in all ways what is BEST for all LIFE, no matter if it is my son or whomever else.

I commit myself to whenever i see myself going into or about to go into this particular fear of me ''loosing my son'' to just STOP, and make sure i BREATHE, and continue focusing on my breathing till i am clear  and stable. Because i can see in common sense that in this physical reality that is here, ALL that is physically here is HERE, the forms of physicality and the manifestations thereof, the only thing is in separation to all this is the I that i believe i am in my mind, which the character/personality that i believe myself to be in this mind.

I commit myself to whenever i can to teach my son and whomever how to use their common sense reasoning, for this can help them see what is really here, as how we live in fact with each other and everything else in on this planet and little by little use practical examples as to show him within common sense, that what he is experiencing as himself as a personality in his mind, is NOT what he really is, and that what he really IS, is his human physical body, that he as everyone else in this world is NOT yet living as one as equal as this body that they find themselves in and as, and that it will take years of decontruction of this false self to then create oneself to be one and equal within and as their own body that is really REAL.

I commit myself to make sure that i STOP  myself whenever i see myself going into or about to go into imaginations/projections of my son turning out to be having an destructive behavior to/towards himself and others as himself for he will not be able to understand nor STOP his emotional turmoils, and just BREATHE, and make sure i continue breathing till i am clear and stable and nothing moves within me as as me as the energy as my mind.

I commit myself to whenever i have a clear chance to educate anyone including my son, what it implies in real practical living, when one limit oneself to a culture in separation to all other cultures, what outflows of consequences can come out of all that, as the world as it exists now and ever in the human show evidentilly clear that to have a sense of belonging to any culture will make one always choose the culture one have as the one, one feels one belongs to and that this brings only friction/conflicts, such things that can and have accumulated to wars on this world.

I commit myself to NOT loose myself within my mind in thinking/believing that i can teach someone else common sense and self-honesty, it is truly up to each even when it is concerning my son or whomever that is part of the ones whom are closer to me, as ion my family, because it will be their own decision, if they are going to choose life or not, i cannot do that for no-one, only for myself and then walk my own decision in the BEST possible way. So whenever i see myself going into or about to go into thinking and believes about trying to save anyone, because i just can't. In this i just STOP myself in participating in this mind delusion and bring myself back here through and within and as my BREATH, till i am clear and stable and nothing moves within me as me as energy as the mind.

I commit myself to STOP myself in having mind projections about me wanting/wishing whom will make it or whom will not make it, in regards to birthing oneself as the physical right HERE, i may not even make it myself, but one thing is for sure, i will as it is my self-responsibility to make sure the foundation is stable and HERE for the future generation to come, so i did not waste my time doing absolutely nothing at all to make sure that LIFE is worth living for every creature here.


Larry Manuela

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