Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 169, The Animal And the Human Intelligence At Birth.

I am going to show in a few videos i have chosen here how the so called intelligence of the human is NOT as great as we belief it is, as a matter of FACT i won't even call us intelligent.


I have chosen this one video, mainly because i just like cats a lot. Now in this video the family that ''own'' this cat are filming the cat when it give birth to her little kittens. One can see in this video how the cat is giving birth with not much difficutly or no difficulty at all. And when the  little ones come out, they are already full and ready with their communication that the mother DO understand, and they immediately look for the little nipples of their mother, and after a month they are walking in the garden and playing with the humans even. Now the human  is pretending that it is super intelligent and more andvance than the animals for example, that i am showing here in the two videos i will place.  If we were so intelligent our babies will come out immediately understanding our language and be able to communicate at once with the mother and looking for their food directly. Understand that we are suppose to be more intelligent, thus these simple things that are very natural we should also be more advance in doing. So our babies for example should be walking in days, maybe even hours after birth. But unfurtunately it doesn't happen the humans mothers that give birth to their babies have no way of communicating at all with their little infant, they will have to guess all the time, what their baby will be ''crying'' about in order to figure out what the baby needs.


Now the one that i have placed here is of a human mother giving birth, now understand that it is a ''natural'' birth  as this video is saying. If you cannot see the video it is because it has a age limit to it. I couldn't directly put it here as the one of the cat above, so i placed just the link here for you. This by itself already is saying more than enough about our intelligence, where we can separate the ''natural birth'' of a human giving birth to a human baby and an animal giving birth to an animal baby as something,----------------- when it pertains to the humans,something that is NOT for kids to see. So how come ''natural'' have distinctions..?? And so much so that our young ones cannot see it,because natural when it comes to the human is something very obscene. Suddenly ''natural'' turns into Taboo, so much so that even laws/rules/regulations had to be made for placing such images on the net.  Way to go humans, you are so Intelligent..!!

So are we really intelligent as we think/believe we are, because we have hands and feet and we can walk differently and we communicate using our vocal cords where we can coin words with it.
We just have a different physical design, but this doesn't make us special and deserving more and thinking/believing we are the most advanced ones on this planet. Because as we can see throughout the world on all levels the humans intelligence is not something to hold in high regard.

The question we should ask ourselves is: ''how can we that are suppose to be as we proclaim the most advanced ones, have so many limited functionings than the animals for example.??''

And this is just one example, many will follow, as we will show you if we are intelligent or not. Can we even call ourselves as such...??


Larry Manuela

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