Friday, 2 November 2012

Day 155, The Same Day Repeats Itself

I am going to walk with you here in this blog how i see one day and all days, that there is a structure of destruction repeating itself over and over and as it is reaching it's peak it gains momentum and speed that makes it look like there is an evolution within the whole thing, but it is just an accumulation of the same thing repeating itself to the point where there is just enough, and of course that day will also be a day on it's own like all the days that went before it.




1)    The human is becoming more and more angry as each day passes by. If you read/watch the news one can clearly see that there is this increase in anger. People are ready to fight and kill each other for something that can be resolved very easily, but yet they will choose to fight or kill each other, thus harming each other badly to the point where they even kill each other.  The young people are also becoming more dare devils as they say. I would say they are becoming much more crazier then the generations before them, because they embody all the pain/frustration/fear/anger of the generations before them passed on to them and are now ready to let all loose.

2)    Sexuality is out in the open now and is becoming more and more obscene. It is now very normal to just go out and look for someone to have sex with and just go and do it. All the sexual diseases are forgotten and it is as of no-one care if they will get the diseases or not, as long as they can have the sex of their lives with someone. And within this alcohol and drugs play a major role. Younger people are having more sex now then their previous generations and are more open in their sexual behavior to, it is like a free for all thing going on when it comes to sex. And it is on an increase, becoming a norm as everyone just accept it and move along. The sex crimes are also becoming more and more, even animals are now being raped and killed by us the humans.

3)     Religion is also being taken to the next level or i would say the final level, where most participate in it, but as most do and become aware that their lives are not getting any better, people are becoming religiously mean and angry for what they belief in is not really working, so the attacks on those whom are not religious are increasing, and what is written in their books as what is ''bad'' they openly go about trying to physically destroy this what the book tells them is ''bad.''  Within this there is also the GOOD INTENTION of the religious population that is growing, because that is all religion was always for anyways, to have ''good intentions''  so the religious people can FEEL that they are good people, where they help a few people and animals here and there and belief that they are really changing something in this world, when the reality is that they are accepting the very thing that they are helping by helping it alone and this help is in the form of a continuation. Because they are dealing with the symptom and not the CAUSE of the symptom. So religion does NOT deal with STOPPING the cause of what brings the ''bad/wrong/negative'' as they perceive it in this world, they just accept it and allow it and put bandages on it and by this thinking/believing that they are actually solving the problems. And with this they can then proclaim that they are very good people and that they care. But in reality, REAL care will be to make sure NO-one and nothing ever suffers and be harmed in this world physically or in whatever matter. But they don't do that, because that will mean one have to have lots of guts to do that, because it is the kind of action where one can loose everything in this world in order to STOP that which is the root cause of all the evil in this world, which is through the invention of MEN, the peculiar thing called MONEY and all it's laws/rules/regulations that protect it to be THE support system of inequality in this world.

4)  Politicians are also as one can see, becoming more open in their lies, as if everyone is so effectively brainwashed that it has become a competition of whom of the candidates can have the better lie and whom can have the better lie-defense, with the approval of the voters when they place their votes on them. Meanwhile reality is being abused and NOT addressed at all in their agenda, and when they do address them it is from the perspective of HOW MUCH IT WILL COST. So reality as LIFE has gotten a price tag. This is as low as we can go to put a price on LIFE, the very thing that support all of us and everything else. Such an dishonor and shame to see us humans wasting our lives and all other lives for something so low as a valueless thing called MONEY.  Those whom have all the money are getting more and more, but the real physical resources that are being used to transform into products to sell in order to make the MONEY are getting less and less, so there will come a time when they can't use the resources to come up with the next cheap shit to make profits and will have to deal with the drug-addicts they have created that are called CONSUMERS. The monsters..!!  this is the REAL reason why the upper elites are hiding and are NOT known, because they know what will happen when the drug addicts cannot get their next fix, they will become very very angry MONSTERS, and these monsters are in the majority.

5)   Animals and plants are becoming more and more instinct, so instinct that the brainwashed Zombies as humans don't even bother and notice, and as a matter of fact don't give a damn anyway. Because the human is so self-centered freak, that it actually belief/think that It is the very reason maybe that all the animals and plants exist, that they exist for it's take/sake, for it's abuse and so if they all die, it won't matter, because the human is THE one that belong here and nothing else. This is our crazy attitude we live by in this world day by day. There is an increase in petition signing growing on facebook as if this is actually going to change something when in reality it just won't. This is also people with ''good intentions'' reaching their peak of coming with an solution as to what they can do to STOP these atrocities, but most will NOT stand for LIFE and come together and change the monetary system of inequality that is causing all this mess.

Now i can continue giving you many points, but you got the drift.  There is an increase in everything and there will be a point of NO-Return where all the SHIT just burst out of the toilet. So stay tuned as you are already very tuned but not practically taking action as to come together as a group and stand for that which is BEST for all LIFE, and take nothing at all that is less then this or more then this, this is it-------- we are going to create that which is BEST for all LIFE or not. ONE of these have a continuation either with or without the human and the other have an ENDING. So choose wisely..!!  CHOOSE LIFE...!!!  The Only Real Choice that ever existed..!!!


Larry Manuela

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