Thursday, 22 November 2012

Day 168, Helping is NOT a Solution..!!!

So within this thread i am going to use some common sense reasoning for purposes of bringing more common sense into this world to those  whom are working around the clock doing what they belief to be ''the right thing to do'' or simply put: ''helping.''


I have questioned this ''helping'' thingy a long time ago, and i asked myself: '' what is the point to keep on helping, when that which creates/causes the ''helping point/that which i am helping'' in the first place to exist, is NOT being removed..?''

This ''helping point'' is a big deal for religious people, it is like their final exam, to see if they will get into heaven or not when they die. And understand, that this heaven is a belief, it is NOT like everyone knows for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it exists. This is one of the reasons people don't just for example remove themselves from this world, and always want/wish to stay as long as possible HERE, no-one really want to die, they all want to keep on living, and it seem that this living is HERE. There are beliefs/talks about an eternal life in heaven, but yet i see no believer aspiring themselves in removing themselves from this earth/this reality, because heaven awaits them with a much more better LIFE, than whatever life they may have on this earth.

So lets move back to the ''helping'' thingy.  Help if one have a look at it, with common sense, one immedaitely notice that it has got all to do with SELF-Interest.  Because the one that is so-called 'helping' always receives a reward, either a reward as a ''good feeling'' or a reward that is related to a belief structure in their minds that after their death, Eternal LIFE will be granted to them. And apperently this after death reward seemingly have much more value than the ''good feeling'' reward that they go through for a while when they are HERE. So you have the Self-Interest of only that particular individuals wanting to ''feel good'' about themselves by the rewards they will get when people that they ''help'' thank them for their amazing work/contibution/support, and for their personal fullfilment when they can believe themselves that, that particular act they acted upon have made the apperent God that is in this heaven keeping the ''good scores'' up for when they arrive there, they will be honored/rewarded with Eternal-Life. Can you see this, How self-interest this whole ''helping'' thingy really is..??

Now if the ones that were helping,----------------- now understand i am NOT blaming or critisizing here, i am looking at this ''helping'' thingy with you in common sense, to see if it is something that can actually SOLVE the problems that we have in this world practically or NOT.  Also understand that i am NOT saying that if you are capable and have the means to HELP, to NOT do so, by all means ''help'' if you can. The real point about this is: '' are you wanting/willing to help forever or to be part of an existence where you have to repeatedly ''help'', or do you want to SOLVE problems..??  Notice a peculiar thing. With helping it always have a dependency mechanism on the capitalistic system, it is NOT a REMOVAL action, it is a keeping the helping point( suffering,starvation,war...etc etc) co-existent, it is putting bandages on the wound instead of making sure that injuries do not occur where we have to keep on putting bandages all the time. And finally, helping is a guilt/feeling sorry-point action within the very system that produces that kind of scenarios/occurrences/circumstances/happenings that the ''good intentional people'' are trying to support to continue to exist by doing this peculiar thing called: '' Helping.'' Which is by the way, a positive action/movement, with a very negative outcome to all LIFE on earth, because it gives you the incentive to keep the CAUSE alive. By having the capitalistic system producing more atrocities, from which one can have opportunities to ''help'' these atrocities and call oneself a ''good man/caring person/compassionate person.''  What a fuck up world we live in, isn't it..??

Why are people affraid to tackle the REAL source of the problem, which IS the capitalistic system itself, with all it's rules/laws/regulations that protect it..??

Most know for example, that depending in what kind of field you're working, that if you have problems at work, that those whom hired you to solve the problems are expecting this result from you, thus that you solve the damn problem when there is a problem, right..??  They did NOT hire you to HELP the problem continue existing. If you would help the problem continue existing it won't be long, that they will sent you home/fire you. But yet at work, we will do whatever it takes to solve the problem that will arise at work. Meanwhile problems in LIFE we do NOT have the same drive to SOLVE them as we do in our jobs.  So whom are we than, what kind of individuals are we than..?? Do we really Care for all LIFE...??  Apperently as you can see with this simple example; we DO NOT care for LIFE at all....!!!    This is easy, and once again it all have to do with.............yes you already  guessed right..??  yes...............SELF- INTEREST..!!  Because you already know what degrees of difficulties you will go through when you do NOT have a job in this world, so you will avoid at all costs this consequence of not being able to survive within this STUPID system, called ''capitalistic system.''

So by all means investigate what is going on, question your beliefs, be self-honest about whom you are in what you do, about what you see....!!!!


Larry Manuela

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