Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 171, My own Intelligence.



When i was younger, i always within myself saw this ''being smart'' thing as we were calling it not something to be very proud of, at school one can see that those whom are super intelligent always gather with people that are like them, and in some way, they are being treated as some great being, and back than alreay i could see the deception, because one can see how little by little these individuals were becoming selfish, and it starts with little things, like always wanting to get that A+ always. Where i come from they don't use letters for marks, they use numbers, so an A would be a 10.  They will get really disturbed and some of them even angry if they were to NOT get a 10.  What i in myself could see about studies when i was young is that i didn't like it, it seem too easy. I found out about this once, and this is the ONE event that changed my whole life in a way regarding not trusting everything and everyone. This was when i asked my teacher at school, because he was explaining  Chemistry to us, and i found it to be too easy, because i wanted to know how these little guys manage to agree with each other, i wanted to understand that, the relationships they form, HOW do they know that they have to form that particular relationship..?? By just saying it is magnitism is NOT enough for me, because i can see that these little guys know order, so they must be aware somehow.

 That is how i looked at these things back then. I was not interested in the copying shit and than repeating them on a piece of paper when we have an examination. To me even tho i could not word that out back than, that was not learning according to myself. This to me looked like you are just repeating something they're telling you but you don't really understand it, and i just could not cope with that. So the teacher told me, that those questions i will deal with them later on in my life IF i get to go into a university. And i looked within myself regarding this answer and i decided in that moment to FUCK school. Because in my mind, and i was very stubborn back then, in my mind that was NOT learning, to me learning  MUST mean, i HAVE to understand how the thing that i am learning about really functions, i don't question stuff for nothing, i question because i want to understand, and IF i have to wait till i am in a fucking university to get to an understanding when i have to go through years and years of repeating bullshit i copied without really understanding how they really really function, than i might as well fuck all this so-called learning all together. From that moment on, i was just cruising along in school, didn't take school serious at all, because to me school was just a joke, and to tell you the truth they were lucky that at that time we didn't have internet like we have today, otherwise they would have a had big problems with me regarding materials/subjects in school, because i would find out for myself and present my findings to them. I wanted to understand things, not repeat shit, copying information. If one have a look at this, at that time i didn't get why teachers became so mad when students were to cheat..?? I mean this cheating is the same thing that we are doing anyways normally, you just take something, you copy it and than you try and tell it as you copied it, what is the big deal..?? But they want you to utter it from your mind, you see the damn memory. Memorizing is very important in school, understanding NOT..!!  Because understanding takes time, and they don't have time to explain something completely and specifically in detail, and as i know now, they don't know either. Because what they will know about something they themselves also copied, the higher you move on the educational ladder the more shit you will have to copy or as they say MEMORIZE. Now understand when i talk about UNDERSTANDING something here i am NOT talking about understanding the material/subject as they PRESENT/IMPOSE it upon you in school alone, i am talking about answering the 6 questions in regard to the material/subject so one can come to an understanding of it;

WHY, WHO, WHERE, WHAT,WHEN and HOW.....................these 6 questions i am talking about here. In Chemistry most of these 6 questions here the scientists cannot answer.!!  They don't know WHY an Atom is an Atom..??  They don't see an Atom as a being, it is a THING to them. They don't know for sure where Atoms come from and how they are created and the rest of it, they may have BELIEVES/assumptions/theories about that, but it is NOT a fact.  So most of these questions they cannot answer them, because they are only looking at these things from the outside and through their minds, thus one dimension of it, all they know about the Atom is just what they have observed, it is like taking something apart to see what it contains  and how it works as you see it with your human phyiscal eyes and with the help of some machine as far as you can see, and than giving names to the things you see, but this is NOT understanding the thing you're observing..!! You are just seeing something you did not see before because you couldn 't see it, it was to small.

Maybe because of this------------- is one of the reasons i could HEAR the desteni message, because i didn't have to much garbage in my mind filed up, and my ability to ask the right questions, just like i did in that Chemistry class.

So intelligence in this world means nothing, because it is NOT about understanding how things really function, it is more about separating things and observing them as far as one can observe them and than giving them names and after doing all this, pretending that one now have an understanding about the thing one have observed, taken apart and then named......very funny.....loll  Real understanding is an equal and one awareness of whatever there exists right HERE.


Larry Manuela

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