Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day 156, Why Fear The Illuminati..??

I was watching on youtube today a few videos made from people whom have beliefs and assumptions about what the Illuminati really really do and whom they are. They portray them as worshipers of the devil and they say it is: '' Lucifer'' himself the fallen angle from heaven that is their god. Now understand that these people are talking about these things as IF they have directly investigated these characters that appear in books where they have placed their believes in with these, as for example: ''the devil'' ''Lucifer'' ''god'' ''Jesus.''   Have a look at this, people always talk about their believes as IF it is a certainty, and this certainty is based on some feelings they have within themselves wherein they have no clues whatsoever how feelings are being created within themselves in specificity and detail, but yet will give these feelings a special meaning for themselves in accordance to what they have been brainwashed by their parents and society and culture they find themselves in at large as a so-called ''truth'' to belief in.  And note the word ''belief'' is of much more value then FACTS, they don't look for facts, only for what they will ''feel'' is the truth within themselves. They will feel presences and call these presences god or Jesus or whatever, without any proper and complete/full understanding at all of what is really happening in them in order for them to experience these things.








I leave the link of the first video here done by these people: 






What these people don't see/realize/understand what they are really doing is; 'that they are helping in adding to the more fear within those that are watching and believing this bullshit.' That is why the Illuminati are letting them be, because the Illuminati functions through/as fear and they are using exactly that in their pursuit to ''expose'' the Illuminati, believing firmly that they are really bringing some awareness, when in reality they are adding to the whole mystery/confusion and give the meaning of the word ''secret'' more allure and value, as if being secretive and a control freak is a grand thing, and a real powerful weapon. This may appear so in a world like this where inequality reins, but when it comes to actual REAL LIFE, it is just NOTHING. In reality tho when DEATH knocks on your door, no matter if you were part of the Illuminati or not, each will be accounted for, for whom they were and what they did, in what they saw when they were here on this earth as a manifestation of LIFE.  What is Control really if you can loose control anyway and you have to constantly look for ways to keep the control through fear.....??? Is this really control or is it a delusional way of thinking/believing that this is what control is..???





Here is a link of the being whom created this whole mind/CONsciousness system for REAL and knows everything about control. The one who controlled or perceived he controlled every being that was in existence, not just EARTH, also the dimensions.  Listen to it carefully if you dare. And understand to leave your preconceived believes behind and hear it with common sense if there is any left in you still.






And for those whom can handle this, here is a link of what Benazir Bhutto wrote in the beginning through the PORTAL after she died and found out in the dimension what was really going on. In this particular writing she writes a little of the history of this whole world control organization that was started by one man, called:  ''Oduphulus Yulovsky''  hundreds of years ago.







 And on the PORTAL, here is Lilly, a dimensional being whom explained what the PORTAL is.





Understand one must have a level of integrity and lots of common sense reasoning in order to see how all of this is possible and for one to even begin to understand the level of brainwashing that is overwhelmingly existent in this world.





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