Saturday, 24 November 2012

Day 170, Man And It's Intelligence.

If one have a look into this world as how we as humans co-exist with other lifeforms, and how we live with each other, that is if one really really see it without being bias about it, just look at it as it is, one will soon find out that we as a species is NOT intelligent at all as we belief we are.


The reason we are believing we are intelligent is because of the tools we are creating as in technology for our survival, and our ability to coin out words and be very expressive with words as knowing lots and lots of words if some of us were lucky enough to be able to PAY for an education and than  using them as to show how good we are in speaking words. Because the more words you know, the more intelligent you will appear. And the other lifeforms whom are not designed to do this, we see them as lower than ourselves and even not advanced as ourselves, just because of them not being able to do what the human does. We have a peculiar belief that our design as a human being is superior to the other lifeforms.   But is this really so...??

Those with a higher education in this world, thus on a university level are just the ones that are much better in being a little less stupid, if you ask me. Because they know more.  Let me give you an example. The poor poor peoples in this world, whom have never even been to school and never ever know anything about reading or mathematics, will be considered stupid in this world, people whom don't know nothing. They just don't know better, they  are born and breed in poverty and will stay in it and won't know about how the system works and have no way either to ever find out, and to STOP the system. And evetually they will die and never knowing anything of in what kind of system they were living, they will only know that it was not fare, and that their lives were a constant struggle and suffering with loads of fear.

Now the ones whom are so called intelligent in this world, the ones whom their parents have money to pay for their education, they will know how the system works in some way or another. It is not like they really really know for sure in detail how the system they are participating in each day functions for real and how every little thing affect their own lives and lives of others as them and other lifeforms to, but they are not like the ones whom don't have any education at all. They move into college and finish universities and get intials in front of their names and within this system this is something very honorable, because of course, wtihin the system now there is another organic robot to add to system, that will abide by the rules of the system and that will never ever question the system and STAND up against the abuse of the system and STOP it. Have you met people whom have higher educational degrees, that questioned the material they were studying, when they were students..?? You will find very very few, i mean really very very few. They were taught to accept whatever will be presented in those books as so called facts. Some studies on mechanical engineering one can say on some physical or biological functioning thereof, that some of it is so, and understand that most knowledge and information is from the point of view of OBSERVATION, it is NOT an equal and one awareness HERE. But the moment they move into how exactly that mechanic functions and how it is possible that it exist within that design, they move into the realm of guessing and imagination and illusions, some form of faith. But yet will present it as a fact in the study books. And we humans most of the time are studying only what we will be needing to survive within the system. We don't really get to study how everything really functions in this world/this reality, that is NOT part of the curriculum. You are not suppose to question the material they are giving you as knowledge and information in your schools. It is about inforcing and imposing upon you to copy it and then use parts of it, because in the long run, most of it you will forget anyways. That is why they have certain/specific period of time attatch to it to finishing high school or certain fields of study. This in itself is already forcing you to comply to the system, because they have to keep to the schedule as to how things have to progress in the educational system and how fast they need slaves to work in the system. This is the norms in many societies. And those who finish their higher educations can now go into the labour market and try to find a need job to be working obidient slaves for the rest of their lives.  And now that they have these wonderful initials in front of their names, suddenly they will turn mean and nasty to others that did not get to have these opportunities that they had, they will use all the big words they have learned copying, and try and be superior to another. And they to will become the abusers in this world that will look for ways to make profit on the suffering of others and make laws/rules/regulations to protect their nastiness and crimes against LIFE.

Most of the laws/rules/regulations we have in this world are laws/rules/regulations that protect individuals against each other. They are NOT laws that protect LIFE. Understand when i use the word ''protect'' here in this sentence i am not talking war and all the bullshit that people use under the banner of so called protection. This protection i am using here is the prevention to destroy/abuse LIFE in whatever form it exists.

If we have a look at all the presidents in all countries of this world, most of them, if not all, will never open their mouth and announce that they are going to abolish and remove the whole military complex of the face of their country, this doesn't happen, and these people are so-called the ''intelligent ones.''   How can one be intelligent if one is willing to destroy everything. The people whom are creating these weapons of mass destruction are not dumb individuals, they are all Engineers and Professors, all man and woman with higher educations, i have yet to meet a stupid person who can create a Atom bomb and a Hydrogen bomb and all these weapons, biological or otherwise. They won't even know about Hydrogen or Atom, let alone how to create such a thing, but the intelligent ones do, and they are and will create them to destroy other life. Now can someone like this be intelligent, is this what being intelligent is all about, creating bombs to kill others/destroy life, inventing cheap shit in order for a company to keep on existing under the banner that ''people need jobs'' so we create jobs..???.....These are lies, they NEED Slaves, in order for them to be in the position of ''feeling powerful'' because that is as far as they can go, just FEELING that they are powerful through LIES and make sure that everyone fear them.

If we are to be measured because of what we can create as humans, it is really in the reverse if one look at it, we have to do more shit in order to just survive, when the rest of the expressions don't have to do so much stuff in order to just survive, they survive naturally. The human have to built homes, and bridges,computers, clothing, cars, schools, have to be taught how to communicate  ...etc etc........the animals are fully equipt, so even biologically they are more advanced. And they are very intelligent, because they don't go around destroying the very planet that provides for them to exist here.

Have you noticed that animals according to their species are all staying within their design, and live fully according to their design..??  You will never find a cat uttering the Giraffe way of communicating or vice versa. They will stay within the confines of how they are within their own species. They don't go to war in other allocation where there are others and rob and steal and pillage and kill others for some resource. Like, can you imagine the Lions in South-Afrika marching on to go to war with the lions in Mozambique for example.....  loll   ........ But the humans.....hmmmm this is another story, they will go as far as they can to kill and destroy all opposition in order to get a hold on some illusionary thing called: ''MONEY.''  Willing and determined to kill life in whatever form to get a hold on for a while to this illusion as money.  Now for a race to be so intelligent that it needs to pay for it's own survival to some people they don't even know that  have declared themselves as OWNERS of resources and lands, when the planet they live on is already providing all they need to survive with, are NOT signs of an intelligent species at all...!! This is beyond stupidity. Humans also have another weak point, they don't have just ONE language that one can say, this is The HUman language, you have varieties of languages and due to this, confusing and complicatng the whole living together even more, it is more for separation purposes all these languages.  A cat in America, will miaou the same as a cat in Iraq and they will understand each other if they were to meet one day. But a human in America will not be able to communicate the same with  another human in Iraq. Now not even this the so called smart ones can manage to sort out so the humans have one language that EVERYONE  understands completely and can co-exist in a better way with each other, taking care of this whole division bullshit that is going on and cultures seeing and believing even that their particular language is more important and of more value............ etc etc.. all these are signs of stupidity NOT intelligence.

Now here comes the grand finale. Do you see intelligent people ever coming together and brainstorming on how they are going to make sure that LIFE is being protected and is the MOST important real valued supporting system in this world, and i am talking about ALL the intelligent ones in this whole world from all the countries..??  Of course not, throughout history  groups of smart peoples come together only to see what they can do as smart people in their particular group to continue having slaves working for them, and make sure that the rest don't get smart as they did, that is the only unity that exist between them. And on the elections in most countries, they can never work together, they always work against each other and always want to be THE ONE that is right.  If they were really smart and really wanted to do what will be BEST for all, they will just get together and do everything together and work together with the ones whom have voted to put their asses in office to. But they don't do that. You cast a vote once, and that is all what they mean with the democratic propaganda they sell to you. That is the only democratic thing about their so called;' DEMOCRACY.'  After that they are going to pass leglislation/public policies to enslave you even more and you just accept it and have NO saying in the decision making, because  thy consider you STUPID  and unable to make LIFE decisions, when clearly they to are NOT capable of this AT ALL...!!

It is simple, very simple we can only call ourselves intelligent the day all are doing individually and collectively that which is always in ALL ways what is BEST for all LIFE. Because LIFE is the only REAL value system that we all have equally and that trully supports all of us equally.


Larry Manuela

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