Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 153, What Is There In My Name: Larry..?? Part 2 SCS

Now i am continuing with my self-commitment statements for the other day of the writing.

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Self-commitment statements:




 I commit myself to show and to teach as i go along studying and investigating more about how we live with each other in this world, how parents used to most of the times believed the teachers story above that of their own children without really doing proper investigation as to what really happened and then to take action and by taking  action i mean, taking action without the use of punishment and beating.


I commit myself to show that teachers equally together with parents don't have a clue how to raise children at all, for the very simple fact that none of them know in detail and specificity how they create thoughts/feelings/emotions within themselves, the whole process from the beginning till the end of each. Within this i commit myself to investigate my own thoughts/emotions/feelings in order to assist and support myself and then to assist and support others as myself.


I commit myself to show that in this world as we have lived with each other and are still living with each other, we have always placed our believes whatever they might above LIFE itself, life is being used in some circumstances only to give the belief the importance and value, but LIFE itself is NOT really being seen as THE most valuable.


I commit myself to show that we in this world are living equally unequal, with this i mean that we support the inequality in every way possible and we act as if there is nothing we can do about it to change it, and that the way it is, is just the way it is, but it is NOT true, it is only the way it is, because we accept it and allow it, we participate either directly or indirectly. So within this i commit myself to show that just as we can create a world together of inequality the same way we can create together of EQUALITY wherein NOT one is left behind to fend for themselves, everyone and everything is taken care equally and have equal value because they are all expressions and manifestations of this ONE thing we all have common which is: '' LIFE.''



I commit myself to show that to live in this world doing that which is ''good'' only implies to be on the opposite polarity of that which is ''bad''  and that we are brainwashed to always try as much as we can to do the ''good'' and avoid as much as possible the ''bad.''  Thus wanting to do the '' good'' and avoiding/ignoring the ''bad'' will keep on supporting both to continue existing and as such both can have their play out in this world because of our participation  in both. Life itself if one truly look at it with common sense one can see/realize/understand that it does not have any opposite, because one cannot be NOT LIFE, because then you won't be existing and LIFE itself won't exist. Life is NOT dependent on the ''good'' nor the ''bad'' to BE LIFE, it depends only on itself alone.


I commit myself to show the obvious that because all of our parents have taught us only to raise us with punishment and reward and with anger and fear, this would be exactly what we will teach our children to when we become parents ourselves, because it is THE only example we have had throughout history. No-one know how to co-exist with each other practically in the /best possible way and live with each other as equals, because we were raised to be selfish and taking care of the ones that are so-called: '' our loved ones'' alone above everyone and everything else first and foremost.



I commit myself to show that beating a child in order to make the child obey the rules that the parents want to impose on the child is NOT going to make that child become later on in LIFE someone whom will DO what is BEST for all LIFE, that child will grow up obeying all rules that  come from any authority in this world without question, because the child have already been scared to death to accept by force the rules of the authority that was his/her parents, thus will not see anything wrong if the laws/rules/regulations in his/her particular country are also doing the same thing his/her parents did to them, and the abuse continues.


I commit myself to whenever i see myself going into or about to go into anger character to just STOP and take a deep breath and make sure i keep on breathing till nothing moves within me as me so that i can then act out of common sense reasoning and not out of my mind.



I commit myself to little by little to defuse this reaction of anger that i myself have created within me in the past when my mother used a certain/specific voice tonality to assert her belief on me that the teacher is telling the truth and not me, wherein because i could not convince her and even had to take a ass-wooping. So by this i commit myself to STOP myself whenever i see myself going into or about to go into this anger character when someone use the similar voice tonality with me and react then in the same way i reacted when my mother did it to me when i was small, and just STOP myself and BREATHE till nothing moves within me as me as the mind.


I commit myself to make sure i calm myself down using my own breath, the breath of life which is ALL i really need to be HERE, so i just focus  on my breath till i am calm and nothing moves within me as energy as the mind.

I commit myself to whenever i see myself going into or about to go into avoidance in some way within myself or outside myself, to just STOP, take a deep BREATH and make sure i am focused on my breath till i am clear and stable and can act accordingly within that breath-moment in self-honesty.

I commit myself to whenever i see myself going into or about to go into spite, to just STOP myself in doing so by taking a deep breath or many deep breath till i am clear and stable and nothing moves within me as energy as the mind, and in this whole process to not forget to touch something that is physical so i remind myself that i am here and not in my mind.

I commit myself to STOP myself whenever i see myself going into or about to go into mind participation regarding my name being used in certain/specific ways and in certain/specific voice tonality that ignite certain memories in me in order to make me have certain emotions within me in order the mind as myself to continue it's energetic existence, and i just BREATHE till i am clear and stable and nothing moves within me as me as the mind and little by little i can defuse and delete all that i have accepted and allowed myself to be/become in this world.




Larry Manuela


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