Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day 144, What Will It Take To Change The Way We Live With Each Other And Everything Else..??

So, what will it take to change the way we live with each other and with everything else is a very difficult question, and much more difficult in the practical tasks and that requires a enormous amount of investigation into what can be done practically to bring about such enormous task into this world, and into the living mannerism and behavior of the humans with/to/towards each other and all other life forms.



* What does it mean to LIVE..??:

Now this question many will approach it in many different ways, like for example spiritually, religiously,philosophically,psychologically, etc etc...........but very few will approach it as how exactly it is being done/lived HERE in this physical existence, on this physical earth. What do we need to live on this earth practically as expressions as parts of this very earth, that is our real mother, for our bodies as all that it consists of and exists as is of/from/as this earth. Many say just in empty words, that the earth is our mother and we are all her children. But yet we don't live together as siblings as one family of this mother as EARTH. We don't even understand our children-hood as the children of our mother the earth, let alone understand the motherhood of our mother the earth, and on top of all this we most of the times consider the human alone as the children of earth when we say that we are the children of mother earth, we don't include the other children as also the children of mother earth, like; ' the animals, the bugs, the insects, the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the clouds, the oceans, the oceans creatures, the sky creatures, all the bacterias and you name it, none of them are being included in being the children of earth. And when they are mentioned it is just to point out something or to give some special meaning to what one observe or what one belief and want to make it sound greater then what it really is.  But Do we really live with our siblings as the other children that don't look at all like us and treat them as equals as worthy of life as ourselves..??   Of course not..!!   We treat them as less then ourselves..!! And within the living with the ones that are humans itself just like us, herein to we are totally living in separation and inequality, we live in divisions. Little families here and little families there, divided through languages,religions,borders, cultures,skin colors,intelligence, thus in total discordance/separation to what siblings of a mother should be living together as, as sons and daughters of their mother. We make wars with one another, we cheat, we lie to each other, we want/wish to control one another, we abuse, we rape one another, we justify our behaviors of inequality with things like: ' beliefs and superstitions and knowledge,' but we don't care for one another at all, we don't live like siblings of one another and sons and daughters of a mother at all.   

So to live on this planet as a human physical body, is to function as this body in it's utmost potentiality and give our ALL as the functionality of the body to express ourselves within and without, with all of our brothers and sisters as other lifeforms that don't look like us, or don't have a language like us, but yet are ALL LIFE expressions just like us, in the BEST possible way in each and every breath that we are HERE. As we can already see, our mother is providing all that we need to function as BEST as possible in our abilities as the functionality we have been endowed with as the human beings we are to support in our way this great expression of LIFE as earth and her creatures and in this contribute to the perfection in expression of LIFE on this earth for ALL equally, so we all evolve as ONE as EQUALS in our expressions.

* Belief systems:

These belief systems have been here within humanity for a very very long time, and as we can see, they never brought any significant change on the practical living level that will benefit all LIFE on earth equally. All belief systems are just a form of supporting the self-interest of the believers of the belief and the self-interest of the groups that will be formed out of the particular belief. So no matter what one holds as a belief, it is not practical in this world, it is not a living application, and there where it has been promoted as a living application, like for example meditation and so on, it is pure one more time, only for the individual doing the meditation, and the meditation is NOT on how one would be practical in solving the problems in this world at all, it is all about going through some experience of bliss within oneself alone and IF one get to experience this bliss,  then afterwards go and talk about this experience as if this will be the solution to the practical living on earth, but as we can see clearly in this world it is NOT so at all. All the bliss mongers have contributed only to their own pockets. And no practical solution that will solve all the problems in this world.

Now let's talk about one of the belief systems that everyone is part of and taking part in, but where only some will see it and understand it for real for what it is and what it represents, which is just a belief system, and this belief system is: '' MONEY.''     Yes money is the biggest belief system and the biggest one that is actually being applied physically to do exactly what it was intended to do for those whom coined it out, or started it, and this is: ''a means to really get what they wanted/wished to serve their self-interest practically.''   This belief system was not invented to serve/support LIFE, oh no, just to abuse it and suck/consume it..!!!  This one belief system is so powerful that it even affect the lives of those whom are outside of it's confine or borders, or those who are not using it at all, like the people living in the Amazon rainforest or some people living in the forests in Africa or wherever, and not to mention the other lifeforms that don't use money at all also, or anything that is made within the system of money, like the animals and bugs, and insects and nature in it's totality.  And within this belief system of money we can clearly see how interconnected we all really are and how the decisions each make to participate within this system affects the lives of others on this planet either they are in it or out of it, it doesn't matter.!!  So now that we have accepted the belief system of money and has integrated it into our lives so deeply that we use it to abuse and measure every decisions we make, we are going to use this belief system in another way to get us back into real practical living that will be BEST for all participants here on this EARTH.

That is why we at DESTENI have come up with THE solution to all of our problems in the form of: '' EQUALMONEY.'' 

Now most of the people being against the equal-money-system, is really against it for the word: '' money'' in the equalMONEY system.

Why...?? Because most know and are aware somehow that without money in this world one is screwed and with money one have a lot of power if one have more then enough of it. So they see both of the sides of the coin in the relationship we have with money, and what we DO with this money, and DON'T do with this money. And due to those with lots of money always abusing those without money, they will immediately disagree that such a system as equalmoney could ever work.


So equalmoney is to GIVE each equally the needs necessary to LIVE a fruitful and dignified LIFE while they are here on earth in the BEST possible way. What does this really mean...???  It means simply that all that our bodies are in need of and to exist and to survive on this planet, the earth as our mother is already providing it for ''free.''  I am putting FREE in quotes because it is not really free, for work have to be done in some form or another, you know like bacterias working together and nature and lots of other animals and bugs and insects to keep the system of earth going as it exist, so it is NOT free, we just say free for the sake of simple understanding. The only thing we as humans have to do, is make sure that all bodies have the required amount of sustenance/nutrients and required tools and resources to live on this planet as human beings in the BEST way possible. And for the animals and plants we just make sure,that when we see that there is something not well with them we can assist and support them in the BEST possible way, because the bodies of the animals are much more superior then that of the humans to survive on this planet, so they on their turn can assist and support us by being what they are that play a role in the whole system of earth, which is the ECO-system of earth. So equalmoney is NOT about MONEY as one may understand money now from the point of view/perspective of what money represents in this world and how money is being used in this world. It is a form of real support to all living beings on this earth, whether humans or otherwise, it is about THE SUPPORT of all expressions of LIFE on this earth in the BEST possible way so each expression can express themselves in their utmost potential, wherein each expression will grow and expand themselves in their own expression together with all other expressions to the point of perfecting their expressions in detail and specificity, and where each expression honor the LIFE in them and as them by their very expression without bringing any harm to each other. Of course in the initial stages of the equalmoney system we will be doing whatever it is necessary in our best abilities to bring as less harm as possible to the animals, but the reality is we will still have to eat, so when we do eat the animals, we are going to make sure to end their lives in a way that will not cause pain or trauma, till we perfect ourselves in ways where we will not need to eat anymore to sustain our bodies, but this will take many many generations before we arrive at this point. But for the initial stages, putting them to sleep and then take their lives to sustain ours is one of the methods we can use that bring less harm and trauma to the animals.

Of course much and much work have to be done in cleaning all the mess we have placed in the oceans and rivers and soil of this earth, that have poisoned a lot of foods that we and other lifeforms consume. We are looking here at a worldwide cleanup that will take many many years.

So understand one more time, equalmoney is NOT about money as you understand money, it is about the SUPPORT of all LIFE here on earth in the BEST possible way. A support system that values LIFE in all things as the MOST valuable thing ever that exist and that supports everything for their very existence. LIFE itself IS the essence and VALUABLE support system in the equalmoney system...!!!

* Politics:

Now for those whom doesn't like politics, i know why you don't like it. It is because the ones you vote for never do what they promise with beautiful words that they will do, and they never include YOU in their decisions when they make decisions on your behalf. You only have something to say only once, and that is when you place your one vote on one of them, that is about it.!! That is the only moment that your vote will count, and then when they win, the rest of the things that will detrimental to your living everyday they will never ask your vote again  on them ever, all the things that are meant to be designated as public policies. You won't even get to see what the public policies will be, let alone having a saying at all in all of it.  And this is what the promotion of democracy have come to, nothing else but trying to manipulate you with lies of what they are going to do, but when they win with your vote, don't do it at all, but make sure that they themselves and their families and close friends are covered and protected within the system. You, you can continue rotten up by yourself.

So this politics stuff will be the one point that we at desteni will have to take on, to implement an equalmoney system, and we ourselves will have to do it, we will have to become leaders for awhile to bring this system about in this world, because all of the so-called: ''leaders'' in this world have already proven time after time, again and again their ineffectiveness/incapability/unwillingness/inefficiency to really bring about an actual real practical change to the tantamount problems created by us humans in this world. So we are going to have to stand within and as politics and make sure to bring about this system that will truly FREE us all that are HERE in whatever form to express in our utmost potential as what we are as particular individual forms/expressions of LIFE.

We humans are the problem, so we humans MUST solve it to, as we are the creators of the problems so to MUST we be the creators of that which will be the solution to...!!!


Larry Manuela

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