Tuesday, 2 October 2012

136, When Love Is Not Here.

When your mother and father love you and your siblings alone above everyone else and everything else, KNOW that, that will be the love that you will live also which is like a love of revenge wherein every family is revenging other families, as they each show each other, that they will only love theirs and not yours---------------- you love yours and i will love mine, fuck you with yours..!!

When the people in the country and the country itself with the meaning it has for you, where you were born in have much more value than other people in other countries and other countries themselves, Know that your love is separation and love was suppose to be that which joins/binds/unifies.

When we participate in a system that dictate to us, that in order for us to have a LIFE worth living we MUST PAY some individuals whom have declared themselves as OWNERS of land and resources as if they really are the ones that created this earth, when not any human here created the earth, we all have been given the gift of LIFE to thrive here on this planet and all we need to survive and to have a fruitful LIFE with as we live HERE, have been given freely to all of us equally to support us and not JUST humans, all creatures of the earth, for we are all made out of the DUST of the earth. So as long as we continue allowing this foolishness/stupidity we DO NOT love at all.

As long as we wish to also OWN land and resources that are detrimental for all LIFE on earth for ourselves, LOVE will NOT exist in this world.

When your work is about you working to survive and sustain yourself and the ones you proclaim you love and is NOT work that is about SUPPORTING life in the BEST way possible for ALL living things on earth including yourself of course because you are also part of this ALL, KNOW that your love is not HERE.

When you have friends, KNOW that there is NO love in you, for you have chosen to walk with those whom you call friends in separation to those whom you will NOT be friends with.

When you choose any side of a polarity, KNOW that there is NO love in you existent. So for example if you want to be ''good'' and live a ''good life,'' KNOW that it is not out of love, but out of selfishness and FEAR.

When you have any belief that you live by in this world, KNOW that there is no love in you, for beliefs are NOT practical/physical/factual as that what your body that is real consists of and exists as.

When we can go to WAR to so-called protect our country and our people, KNOW that there is NO love HERE in this world in us. For War only destroys LIFE, so can NEVER EVER be an act of peace NOR of love nor of honor..!!

When we can see people and animals  starving but yet do NOT move at all to make sure that STARVATION NEVER ever exist anymore on this planet, know that there is NO love in this world.

When people and animals and plants are dying all over the place without us having any feeling at all about them dying, KNOW that there is no love at all in us existent.

Every time you belief you deserve to be paid more because of your functionality in your pathetic job, KNOW that there is NO love in you, because you want more for you and LESS for others as you as the dust of the earth, as physical manifested form and bodies of LIFE equal as you are.

When opinions of humans are more important and determine what MUST take place and NOT the FACTS of life as how life functions HERE, KNOW that there is NO love in this world.

When education is JUST copying, and NOT learning about how LIFE in all it's forms and manifestations functions HERE for REAL, KNOW that there is NO love in this world.

Every time one allows someone else by oneself to be seen/treated as MORE or LESS then oneself and others, KNOW that there is NO love in this world.

If you hate someone or blame someone for whatever reason, KNOW that there is NO love in you.

If you are unwilling to take your self-responsibility for what is being allowed to be done to LIFE while you are HERE, KNOW that there is no love in you.

If you wish/want/desire to be SAVED by any saviour or by aliens, KNOW that there is NO love in you.

If you want/wish to be succesful in this system and move ahead in this system, KNOW that there is NO love in you, for this system is a system of abuse and rape to LIFE, a crime against LIFE. Real succesful living is when one live always in all ways to bring about that which is BEST for all LIFE in every moment of breath.

When our values are placed in what we belief, whatever they might be and NOT placed in LIFE, that LIFE itself IS the MOST valuable thing, and align everything to it to support ALL LIFE in the BEST possible way, KNOW that there is NO love in this world.

If there exists any reason at all, that you have to/need to LIE, know that there is NO love in this world.


Therefore, please forgive yourself as i forgive myself for what we have accepted and allowed to be here, as we are marching on destroying everything in our path for a so-called love that is just a feeling, which is energy, but is NOT real as it NEVER LIVES in this world practically/physically/factually.

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