Friday, 19 October 2012

Day 148, What Is There In My Name: Larry.?? Part 3

I am continuing on where i left of the other two previous days. Here are the link to the other previous days:

Day 146


Day 147

Now i am going to write some positive energy experiences related to my name being pronounced and within what tonality.



I remember my mother saying my name in a sweet way, but without that much change of her voice and way of pronouncing my name just a slight way of saying it a different way, in her voice according to my mind interpretation there is this deep worrying, like when one is sick in bed and your mother comes and tuck you in and talk to you and ask you how you're doing...?? well that kind of way. My mind interpret this as someone deeply worrying about your well being. The voice is moderate and with a little whisper.  How would i react ?  i will like melt and talk slowly and with a soft voice and also with a whisper. It is as if one is soothing ones own positive energy experience that is busy building up in oneself.   So this one is the one that is the more manipulative one that others can use to manipulate you in order to get whatever they want from you, because whenever someone will say my name in the same tonality and manner my mother said my name when i was little and where i will react in a soft/calm way as how i felt then, this is exactly how i will react to the person whom will say my name in this similar way.  As you can see we are just junkies to our mind interpretations...loll


Another one i have is of my father talking to me in a funny way using my name, and laughing a lot when talking to me, making me feel all happy, it is not as if he would change his voice, he is just being funny and make jokes and being funny. So whenever i am in a group of people or within someone using the same way of talking and making jokes and having similar voice tonality i will react the same way as i react when with my father.


I also have one as when my older sister talks to me with her sweet little voice, it makes me feel very energetic and happy inside, so whenever someone and this is especially woman, or girls speak to me in the similar way i will react in the same way i react as i react when my sister speak my name like that.



o.k. So tomorrow i will start with self-forgiveness statements and self-commitment statements that will be used to deconstruct whatever there is in me that i will find in the moment of writing.......





Larry Manuela


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