Friday, 21 December 2012

Day 186, It Is Over, Or Will We Invent Other Date..??

Now today on this side of the world the whole 21 December 2012 hype has truly ended, it is now the 22 nd. All the lies are now on the table. What will the ones that were lied to be going through now..??  Will they invent some new shit to belief in again looking for ways to keep on abdicating their responsiblity to what is going on in this world..??


Would they let some master/guru/scientist/lightworker/channeler/conspiracy theorist or whomever fool them again, or would they be so gullible to let themselves be brainwashed again into believing some BS...??

So when nothing happened there were people that even though they didn't belief this whole thing but yet they felt a sort of a relief, and there were people in this world that are now in this very moment confused, because they spent years dedicating their lives believing some bullshit and spending lots of money supporting all this 2012 hype and now what happened..?? absolutely nothing, they may even now still be hoping that some calamity could happen just for them to say: '' you see, i was right anyways.''  Can you imagen that some people are having hopes of destruction of life on earth, just to have their believes being proven to be right...??   How sick is this..!!!

So whomever you are out there, get yourself together, shake yourself and join us in this physical/practical/factual walking to change ourselves in order to change the world so no-one ever in the whole of existence can fool themselves into believing there is something MORE then LIFE. Where we throw out this whole absurdity called: ''BELIEVE'' away forever more, and start LIVING..!!


Larry Manuela

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