Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day 180, How Do We Prevent Language As Being Separation..??

Yes prevention is the BEST cure..!!!

Have a look at all this language to what it has lead mankind. We have been unable to communicate with each other properly because of this language barrier. All the languages and dialects we have that are between 6000 and 7000 according to wikipedia, are one of the very roots of our problems, assuring we never get to SOLVE our problems, because our communication skills are impaired by all these different languages, that are unnecesary if you ask me.


So how do we prevent poor communication impairness..??

When we truly see the importance of communication and especially when it comes to LIFE matters, it is utterly important to communicate well, and also in a simple form but yet a form where one can explain what is to be communicated in the BEST possible way.

Now we are in the the information age, with all these information technology and you name it. Herein this English language is the language that is being used. Now understand to let go of your preconceived ideas about the English language about what the Englishmen did in the past and still the elite in this group are doing.....let all this shit go..!!!   Look at this as just as the language itself nothing else, thus we are looking at the availability/the usage/practicality of the language as it exist right here, right now..!!  Since we are using this language broadly we can introduce this language to be the language all of us will learn so no matter where we go, this language is the language we will use to understand one another, so we don't have to go through all the none sense of looking for people to translate one language into another, because this translating process is most of the times tainted, you see..?? The traducer most of the times will give that which he/she is translating, his/her own view/perecption/interpretation of how he/she understands something, and then again based on this same network of languages that the traducer may have as his/her own language, thus meaning that the traducer in our example here is not a person whom language is English, but some other language, and thus this person due to this will look at something in a different way. Now understand i am not saying we all have to look at things in the same way, what i am sharing is that we MUST be able to communicate about these things we see differently so it is clear to all what it is we see, you get this,-------------- in other words, what it is we understand differently and be able to work out solutions that will be BEST for all participants, can you see this...??

Do not let fear interfere with this, because i can understand your fear and also all these psychopatic conspiracy propaganda that is going on in this world about all this new world order thingy of the elites. Let all of this SHIT go..!!  Look at the practicality of having everyone knowing one language that we all can communicate with, with each other regardless of where we come from and in what culture we were born into, so we can start to come to terms of understanding one another mutually and be able to wipe out this division/separation that has caused us to suffer so much and abused one another because we cannot communicate with one another and thus cannot understand one another.

Thus understand: '' PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE.....!!!!! ''


Larry Manuela

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