Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day 177, The Apparent Goodness Of Man.

As long as i can see this apparent goodness of man, wherein man belief/think that he is good because he coins out some moralities within a system of abuse and inequality has nothing to do with real goodness. Real ''goodness'' is in reality, practical caring living application that is BEST for all LIFE. And this is what Man have NOT lived throughout history yet at all.


All what man is doing as to try to be so-called: ''good,'' which in turn is derived/fueled/relying on as what is HERE as what man is and as what man creates, which is all the opposite of this ''good'' man is trying to be. It is the ''bad/negative/wrong'' that is HERE, that is the platform where man is trying to run away from in order  to be ''good/positive/right.''   It is NOT the opposite way...!!!  So this means that the ''bad/negative/wrong'' is creating the other as an illusion, because the opposite is NOT what is HERE, what is HERE is the ''bad/negative/wrong,'' because now it has friction/conflict. Man is creating the friction/conflict within himself as an illusion that he is NOT, in order for him to NOT face what he has always been, which is '' bad/negative/wrong.''

So to be good in this world, in reality as we exist in this world as we man proclaim, is nothing but to be EVIL, because the apparent goodness of man needs the EVIL for it to be good. Without the EVIL there is NOTHING to be good about. 

So trying to be ''good'' in this world is in reality conforming/confirming  that the EVIL as what man is MUST continue existing as it exists.

Have a look at it, you will find within yourself that all your decisions you ever made in your whole life are based on what it is you fear, which is the ''bad/negative/wrong.''

lets have a look at a few examples:

***   Wanting/wishing to be rich and doing everything to be rich is because within you, you know that being poor as you can see in this world is NOT the kind of life you would want for yourself nor for your so-called: '' loved ones.''  Being poor is negative.

***  Wanting/wishing to fall in love or find someone to love and that loves you back, is because you don't want to be alone, and being alone is for you negative.

***  Wanting/wishing to educate yourself to survive in this system, because without the education your chances for survival are minimum and your life would be a struggle. So struggle is negative.

*** Wanting/wishing to be looking attractive all the time, is because you know that in this world, looking attractive as the world impose upon you is much more pleasant then looking ugly, and looking ugly is Negative.

*** Wanting/wishing to go to heaven and following religions is considered a ''good'' thing to do, because you want to escape this shithole we create here together, thus earth is a place you don't want to be on, and this earth is negative in your view, because HERE you suffer.

So as you can see, we can go on and on with these things............................................

The only way to get out of this polarity and opposite Con, is to live and express in every way what is BEST for all LIFE, what is BEST for all LIFE is a none polarity application, that have a consequence that is always BEST for all LIFE.   So one more time, if you do what is ''good/positive/right'' will NOT result into what will be BEST for all, because these require/need/rely on the opposite polarities as in ''bad/evil/negative/wrong,'' which is what is actually/factually HERE to continue existing in order for them to be experienced as if they are REAL. So they will always lead to EVIL..!!  So none of the polarities will ever lead to what is BEST for all, ONLY what is BEST for all alone as in a living application will lead to what is BEST for ALL LIFE...!!  Self-honesty will pull you out of this one, in order for you to get it..!!

But if you want to live ''the good'' '' the positive'' ''the right way/action''   you will automatically have the opposite from them in your reality, because they cannot exist without each other, which are: '' the bad/evil''  ''the negative''  and ''the wrong way/action.''

It is NOT that ''the good'' ''the positive'' and ''the right action'' exist first and is HERE and out of this, makes you make the decision to choose to be ''bad/evil'' ''negative'' or ''wrong.''  

So EVIL is the cause/source of your attempts to be the illusions that are created by this very EVIL that is inherrent in Man, and NOT the other way around.


Larry Manuela

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