Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day 179, The Speaker.

When i start with that title if one is familiar, with the man i am going to write a little about one will immediately see the connections to him, to this title. I am talking about no-one other then the man that called himself: '' the world teacher.''  Jiddu Krishnamurti


Now before i stumbled upon desteni, i was very much enjoying this man's talks a lot, he made lots of sense to me, i could just understand him, but soon after that is back again to the old self ME.
You see, Krishnamurti was indeed a great teacher and if he was a teacher in classrooms, we would have had one great  phylosopher if you ask me......loll

As i look back now, i can almost not remember all that he said, but at the time when i was listening to him, his words were part of my life so to speak, but yet here is the peculiar thing. I never lived his words as my words, it was just knowledge and informnation to me, even though he did help me in a way to learn to question more deeply, helping me to develop my critical thinking.

I will place here an interview of Krishnamurti with Pupul Jayakar, whom is a female spiritual leader in this world, where they sat with each other and discuss their percepations/views/interpretations. Now this one interview here was one of my favorites. Because within this i could see what Krishnamurti meant when he in most of his talks said about ATTENTION, i could see how he really was being very attentive when someone else speaks.
Here in this interview i saw within myself that i was not paying real attention as he is paying total attention to all words when one speaks to him, so i remembered that one thing, which i saw as very important, and you will understand as i continue writing here why this attention part have also helped me HEAR the desteni message, which is the message of: '' ONENESS and EQUALITY, that which is BEST for all LIFE, always in ALL ways''

                                i leave the link here for you, if you want to watch it:


In this interview one will notice how the female spiritual leader is on a level of knowledge and information, and being very intellectual. One when notice Krishnamurti in this interview, he is little by little taking this spiritual leader deeply and deeply, when krishnamurti is seeing the whole movement of the mind, and he is taking this woman on a ride, to bring her to the point of NO movement when this whole seeking STOPS, when one make the decision to NOT move, in other words having the programmes as thoughts/feelings/emotions run amock. He is talking about a complete/certain let go off what was and just be the mind as pure as it is, without the programmes in it. Krishnamurti could not be understood in this world, and that is also the reason why his talks that are considered teachings, have become only knowledge and information, because he has left no practical living application to his teachings, that one and all could do. First of all, we are brainwashed to not be able to hear like he was hearing as he is trying to convey to others, and certainly not many in this world have the privilege that he had to know meanings of words as he did. So Krishnamurti just talked great talks but never really did bring into this world that which is BEST for all LIFE, practically, thus meaning '' do whatever is necessary to bring about such a world where LIFE is equally valued in all man and everything, as this he understood very well. This point not bringing real practical solutions into this world that is physical/practical, is what all these great thinkers or philosophers have never managed to bring about. And this is the POINT that when i heared the desteni message that i immediately saw it, as that which is missing as to the answer to the question:'' why are we not changing...?? ''  

Now the only problem with Mr. Krishnamurti was, that he has no practical application to go with what he did, he was only busy with the phychological part of himself.  And as you can see Krishnamurti could NOT explain in detail the mechanics of the MIND at all, the way i see this, he has just managed to slow down his mind so much so that he could he a lot of what happened as thoughts/feelings/emotions as a complete movement. He never mentioned self-forgiveness, never used words as self-honesty and certainly never was totally HERE.

At desteni we are all about the practical application of ones words, and to be self-honest as to what one have accepted and allowed oneself to be and become, and to help remove the smoggs that blinds one, one uses self-forgiveness so one can uncover what is hidden more deeply and to bring it to the surface and face it and STOP oneself of creating oneself to that which leads to self-destruction, as the consequence of ones own creation as the creator and the created.

In the 8 years that desteni exists, thus that desteni went mainstream, desteni have managed to come with many solutions to all the problems we face in LIFE, that we ourselves have inflicted, either psychological problems as worldly problems, bringing real ideas that are practical and that will result in what is BEST for all LIFE.


Larry Manuela

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