Monday, 10 December 2012

Day 181, Why Do We Not Prevent Poverty To Ever Exist..??


As you can see in this world, poverty have been here with us for a very long time, where we withhold others as LIFE as ourselves as thinking/believing that because they look different, and have different languages or traditions, means that they are not equals as LIFE as us. This stupidity have been going on for generations after generations, and for all these generations that have past and are gone, still  we have NOT come to a solution to this problem, because we are NOT willing to stop it at all. Oh yes, we are willing to HELP it keeping on existing, but Eradicating it forever, we will immediately go into justifications as to spite and say that eradicating poverty is impossible, when in reality it is just NOT true. All it  takes is for you to PREVENT it to ever come into existence. And this PREVENTION, is the part that because of your brainwashing is being seen as impossible. Thus in your brainwashing we as HUMANITY are not capable to PREVENT problems, we are only capable according to ourselves to create problems and then try to solve them, but prevention we don't do prevention, it so so so difficult this whole prevention thing, so difficult that it is not even in the laws/rules/regulations in this world, it is not to be found anywhere practically/factually/actually.

So what do we do, we keep on allowing poverty to continue existing and keep on looking for ways to solve it, but we are not noticing that we are indeed  feeding the problem of poverty by the very fact of allowing it to exist as a problem in order to try and fix it/solve it.

We live in a world where we WANT problems so we can afterwards try and solve them, but this happens in our secret minds. we will even justify it and say:'' no, it's not true, you can only see a problem when it is here, and then you can do something about.''  This is a LIE...!!!   We never go into the whole process of investigating in all possible ways to see and measure before hand if what we are doing will have an outcome that will be BEST for all LIFE or not. Understand that in the capitalistic world everything have to move fast, because there is this saying going around: '' time is money, and money it time.''    You see...??  Thus you will not make time to go and investigate what your busy bringing into LIFE, that it is in fact going to support LIFE in the best possible way, or is it going to HARM LIFE, you were just brainwashed to just make it work as fast as possible so it can be presentable in order to make the profit out of all that. Thus our only motive is to make PROFIT....!!!   You know i did not notice myself before how subtle this whole brainwashing was, i myself wrote a few blogs about us not solving problems, but did NOT see/realize/understand that the very fact of continiously trying to solve problems that we/ourselves are creating over and over is NOT eradicating the problem of not existing anymore, it is still HERE. 

  Thus, within this I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to NOT see/realize/understand the extent of the brainwashing that i have accepted and allowed myself to  be existing as/within, wherein i will look to solve the problems, but never ever finding ways to prevent the problems by truly being creative in seeing what for consequences can derive out of my actions and others actions.

Thus i commit myself to make sure that i participate with others as myself that are working together to bring about a world that is truly BEST for all LIFE as in the form as an EQUALMONEY SYSTEM as this is the REAL prevention to all our problems in this world that are all MAN MADE..!!

 So Poverty is still here, with all the ideas people have had throughout history trying to SOLVE it, you see, so what happens is, because you are trying to SOLVE it, it must continue existing for you to solve it. It is based on your reaction of it. REACTION is always LATE, it is what happens aftwards, when you are already faced with the problem, you are IN the consequence, which is NOT one that is BEST for all a.k.a: '' PROBLEM''...!!! But if you were PREVENTING it to come into being, it will never exist, and poverty is in reality very very easy to prevent. But of course the MONEY LORDS will try and say anything to dismiss this REAL solution, which is PREVENTION of POVERTY, and say that it impossible. Now on the impossibility of it i agree with them, but only  in the context of the CURRENT SYSTEM, in the current capitalistic system, as the system that reLIEs on DEBT and infinite growth of course it is impossible....!!!    Not in an EQUALMONEY SYSTEM..!!!  In an equalmoney system the motive to create and bring into LIFE whatever will be to support LIFE itself in whatever form or manifestation it exists in the BEST possible way, IS what counts, Is what is of value. Thus always support LIFE in the BEST possible way, ALL LIFE, not just the human...!!!   Thus our principle of living, and highest morality will be Supporting LIFE itself, as LIFE support all of us and everything equally, so we do the SAME equally, because we are all forms and manifestations of this LIFE...!!!  There is NOTHING that is of more value then this, NOTHING...!!!!  No Gold, No Diamond, No natural Gas, No Oil, NO money, absolutely NOTHING is more valuable then LIFE....!!! Our current system is always having interest and values in the consumation of LIFE, NOT in supporting LIFE...!!  That is why these resources and stones are MORE valuable then life in this current system.

So get your ass in gear and start working with those whom are working together to bring about a world that is truly BEST for all LIFE, be part of THE solution, NOT the problem..!! And let us PREVENT all problems that are HERE, so they will be HERE NO more, as in NONE existent..!!

That is why we take a stance and stand to make the statement and LIVE it, that: '' PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE....!!! ''


Larry Manuela

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