Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day 182, The Good And The Bad Of Being Selfish.

Many of us when we look at the word selfish, we take the negative part of it, or the part that is so-called: ''bad.''   We are NOT looking at the positive part of it, the ''good'' part of selfishness which is still just selfishness no matter what. Thus being selfish does NOT change wether one is positive or negative about it in ones living.  Many people if one is to say to them that they are as selfish as anyone else, will immediately feel attacked personally, and will say: '' i am NOT selfish..!! ''   

Now for this to be clear, i am going to use examples, and you the reader will see for yourself that the selfishness stays the same no matter what action you're taking either it being a positive or a negative action, the outcome for your experience within yourself is the same, the same purpose. It is about the person always choosing to care only for him/herself.

The positive examples of being selfish:

**  doing ones job to get ones money, even though in the system the money is necessary, but it is only ones money, it is NOT the person working for the support of all of humanity for example with him/herself included.  Herein many will defend themselves with the whole taxes thing. Many believe that because they are paying taxes they are supporting humanity or at least the ones in their country, so that should be more then enough, thus they are NOT selfish because they are paying taxes, meaning they are allowing taxes to be cut from their salaries, so they are giving------- which behind this lies another thing that many won't say, the point of thinking/believing it is their money they worked for, thus if they are letting the government taking a little bit from them, they should be considered understandable people or people whom care, but do they really..?? The reality is; one would rather have all the money for oneself because there is this brainwashing that it is the money one worked hard for, so all of it should be for oneself. The more the better isn't it...???  This point can be justified in many ways, but the bottom line as one can see which is ''being selfish'' stays the same.

**  Falling in love and being in love is another one, a big one for many. But many don't see that the whole experience of love they are going through is only their own, only the person that is going through this love is experiencing this feeling of love, the other they are having a feeling about is NOT going through what they are going through at all. And in this experience it is being assumed and more so demanded, that the other person must continue doing or being whom they are as one have fallen for them, thus remain like this for  one to continue going through the feeling of love in oneself alone. One cannot give this love to NO-one. It only makes one manipulative to get more of it by using some tactics to keep on having the other do the same things they do that makes one experience this feeling. Thus the moment the other changes one will have problems, because the other is not anymore what one needs in order to get the engine of generating all these wonderful feelings of love within oneself, and in this the arguments will start and the questions, because one will start to doubt that the one that is telling one that he/she loves one is not being the one that he/she used to be that make one produced so much feelings of love.  So herein as you can see selfishness plays a role again as always.


** Giving alms to poor people. Within this is again about how one feels about oneself and the level of self-importance that one gets, because oneself is thinking/believing that this is a ''good thing to do''  that one is a ''good person''   and a ''good person'' is acceptable mostly everywhere. This may look like one cares, but the reality is; that it is to feel good only about oneself doing these things. Some people even say it, that they do it, because it makes them FEEL so good doing some work of compassion according to them, but yet.............are you seeing these people making sure that poverty is prevented so it never exists....??   This would be real care...!!  So now poverty have to exists for all these people that would LOVE to feel good about themselves, to go and try to help some poor people here and there and see themselves as individuals whom are at least ''doing something about the problem''    But they don't see/realize/understand that they are actually SUPPORTING the very problem by doing what they see as ''being good''  ''care about another''  ''having compassion about another''. And herein again one can see the selfishness, it all about the ME, the I.  Because when one does this it is only  oneself that will go through the experience of feeling good about ones action taken in the helping the poor, because helping the poor is a ''positive movement'' something ''good.''


**  If one is a owner of a company and one is providing work for many people one will look at this as '' being a good action/deed'' in the confines of this system, because in this system it is accepted and allowed by US that only through work one is capable legally to get a little money, that is NEVER enough to meet all the basic survival needs for the body to stay healthy and functions to its optimum, to live a dignified life. As owner one will be the one that gets MORE money and will become rich using on the backs of the ones working for one. The idea of becoming an owner of a company was not because one wanted to support LIFE with an idea, oh no, it was solely to make MONEY, and who wants to make lots of money..??  The one that will be the owner..!!  See again self-interest steps in.



And as we can see in these positive examples all these positive actions lead to a negative outcome. Thus selfishness is EVIL, and have always an outcome that is NOT what is BEST for all, and what is NOT BEST for all is always EVIL. The world is THE proof of this, everyone claims they are NOT selfish but yet what is BEST for all is NONE existent..!!

Now we move to the negative ones. These are easy to recognise, since everyone can see them.

The negative examples of being selfish:

      Having a piece of chocolate and not wanting to share with ones brother or sister.


    Having a car and wanting no-one else to drive it but oneself alone.


   If there is money to be shared one always want more then the rest.


    Being jealous of ones partner, because one believes ones partner is ones property, someone one owns. In other words ''love'' is something one have to own.


       Wanting/wishing to own piece of land to say it is MINE..?!!

So we can continue mentioning many of these negative ones, but these are easy to see as i already mentioned, because these are the only ones most people see as when the word SELFISHNESS comes to mind. It is being seen only as in the negative sense. Never seeing/realizing/understanding that being selfish is in both of them and it is always with the same outcome what is BEST for oneself alone, it is NEVER what is BEST for all. Understand that what is BEST for all have never ever been considered, let alone to be LIVED by all practically/factually..!!


Larry Manuela

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