Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day 85, Christians And God. Part 1

I have an account on WAYN, and there are some people whom i have conversations with.   For you the reader understand that my words here are NOT blames, they are exposures of what WE have accepted and allowed to be here, to be done to LIFE, in the name of believes..!!



There is this woman, whom is a Christian that is talking to me there, and i am talking about heavy weight Christian here, the kinds that made themselves belief that what they be-(LIE)-f and make out of it a lifestyle of;  Home praying, church praying, being with only their own church people, and bible study according to their peers in their church of choice, and going to the ministry on Saturday or Sunday, and reading only blindly without questioning those wonderful phrases in the bible where is mentioned how ''benevolent'' god is, and believing in all their might that this is a good life, an honorable life.  Is it...??  So that kind of Christian i am talking about here.

So i am going to walk some common sense questions with you the reader looking at some of the stories in the book, the bible, to see WTF is going on. I will ask lots of questions, that if you are a Christian you should be asking yourself. I did when i was a Christian, and i saw that the story is flawed. It took a couple of years to let it all go. So i know it is not easy to find out that what you belief in is NOT true, or is a LIE, And that BELIEF itself is also a lie, any belief..!!! Which is the same as not true....lolll

And all the other sentences and phrases where god kills people or order people to kill other people in his name, by his orders  is immediately washed off with the words:  '' god has all power and authority and knows what he is doing,and these people must have been apparently ''bad''  so god MUST punish them for being ''bad.''


When one have a look at the whole wonderful story in Genesis one can see how god himself placed a fucking tree of ''knowledge of good and evil'' in the middle of the garden and after that tell them to NOT eat from that tree. This is where god himself is NOT respecting his own apparent ''free will'' invention, he himself created them with and told them that they have, and to this day still are believing that they have free-choice and free-will.

And after that when the poor innocent Adam and Eve does eat from it, because understand that before they ate from the tree, there was nothing within them that would be considered evil, they were totally innocent, and did not even know of any existence of any devil or whatever. They haven't got any example beforehand of what it means to be evil and what it means to lie and everything else that goes with ''being evil.''  Nothing of this existed within them..!!

And what happens to them according to this ''holy book''  ..??  They were banned from the garden to never ever return therein again.  Now why did god in this moment not use forgiveness himself on the very first humans that he created himself, and since he is omniscience, knew from the beginning that they will fuck his whole creation up when he places that tree of  ''knowledge of good and evil'' in that garden anyways..??

And after that left them to make lots and lots of children, let them become even more apparent evil humans, and after generations of killing everything on their paths to then after they were all completely fucked up as evil beings roaming the earth, to sent his son Jesus to be sacrificed by these evil humans for the apparent: ''forgiveness IF they believed in his son that he sent to be sacrificed for their evil doings.''

And now lets have a look at where we are today, where generations have passed since they killed Jesus without the fucker god doing anything about it. The people have become worse, and Jesus death meant nothing. They went from stoning people to death to creating Hydrogen bombs and dropping Atomic bombs on people,and i am only talking people here, let alone the genocide that is going on and done to the animals and plants and bugs, and all this in the name of all the 2.8 billions of Christians world wide, and i bet that the weapon builders most have had a Christian upbringing or are Christians or influenced by this belief. And notice here that acceptance and allowance of such atrocities and abuses is the same as doing it oneself..!!  

Wonderful isn't it. So we went from god himself NOT being able to forgive and also being a coward for not doing this when he could have done so from the very start and teach them then how to forgive one another but-------- sending his son to be killed for the SHIT he himself created the moment he placed the damn tree in that garden purposefully, because remember he is as they say: ''omniscience,'' was much a better plan that of course did not involve himself being responsible. Notice one other thing, how god allows the devil that is apparently all ''bad/evil'' to continue existing and everyone that the ''devil'' so called: ''tempt,'' god will punish and even kill them, and not the devil himself, the one whom apparently started all this''evil'' thing according to the story in the book. Does it not seem that god must have had a deal with this devil character, a pact of some sorts, because if it was me as god in this ''movie'' i would have immediately removed this evil force from within this Archangel that turned into the devil, by the very first moment he would have become evil. But noooooo, god doesn't work like that, he prefers to create some other creatures in order for him to then kill them for being evil and NOT removing the evil from them instead.  I mean; WTF...??

Wonderful isn't it, such stories...?? So the devil can be Evil but NOT the humans.!! Does god fear the humans..??  Because if the humans are so insignificant and they have a ''soul'' and ''spirit'' of god that is more then the flesh, why bother...?? What is the fear if you can destroy the flesh very easily anyways, it can't get more powerful then god..??  In other words god fear the flesh so much that he is willing to kill it or let it be killed, and yet the so-called soul that is apparently in the flesh and also the ''holy spirit'' that are the heavenly bodies are allowed to keep on existing. Why put a ''soul'' that is apparently coming from god, and god's home which is heaven and is eternal and all benevolent in a body and then------------ punish the body and not the soul for letting the body do what the soul does to the body while in the body that is suppose to be all benevolent to continue, when letting it to abuse the creations, god's own creations within life...???

And here if you are a Christian you would probably say: '' there is punishment for the soul to, which is: ''hell.'' '' Well if it so, why would god deliberately place benevolent souls in bodies,in flesh and somehow they will turn into evil when they are in the flesh and when they get out when they die------------- because apparently this flesh is like a prison for the souls---------------- they can't escape form it when they are once in it and don't even remember anything of themselves being a souls or spirits that was in heaven before they got into the body....??              

So why would a ''benevolent god'' do such a thing, does it make sense to you...???  And on top of all that create a whole fucking ''hell'' to, waiting for them when they leave the body when the body dies,apparently this is the only way the soul can get out of the body that is suppose to be much weaker then the soul,that is eternal and all powerful like god--------------- and place them therein if they were not ''good'' when they were in the flesh unaware of themselves as souls that came from heaven that was all benevolent and turned into evil when they were in the flesh..??

I am asking you to please question your beliefs, you can see for yourself that this god is a very very evil being or spirit or whatever is your belief, that is;' if he/she/it ever existed..!!!' And the story a total MESS, just like the mess we are living in accepting and allowing to be here in every moment of breath.

Time to wake up people, the stories where you got your belief from, that there is apparently some god or intelligent and perfect higher being in some unseen heaven is all a LIE...!!!  The world itself with everything in it and on it, is THE proof..!!!

To be continued in part 2.............................where i will move to self-forgiveness statements and my life commitment statements.


Larry Manuela

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