Saturday, 28 July 2012

day 95, How I See Work.

So, now let me venture on work, what i understand when it comes to ''working''..??   There is a reason why i am putting WORKING  in quotes. When i have a look at what i and everybody else is doing as what is to be  considered ''work'' i must say,that we are not really ''working''  Working should have been about sharing in creativity, honoring ourselves as life and everything else as LIFE, we give to each other our talents, and so we evolve for real. Being of earth working together towards exploring themselves as LIFE, creating themselves as LIFE, a total expansion, where each part knows their place, as the parts that are as a whole one group,so we create with LIFE as ourselves.



In the current system, ''work'' is about survival, it is about keeping a system alive, that DOES NOT support LIFE in anyways whatsoever.!! It is about competing with each other, it is about whom is going to be successful, it is about masters and slaves, it is about making products so money as a belief-system can continue existing through using money to obtain the products, it is about winning and losing. But yet within this kind of system there are people whom belief that they are creative within it for what they do as their ''work.''   Very few individuals are really really creative, and the most creativity is in art, and mostly it is those individuals whom are doing art and they are not famous for it, it is what they LOVE to do, are the ones that are being creative. Now there are people whom like their work, it's what they will tell you, and some really do, but mostly none of them really sat down and question WHY it is they are working...?? They know about the survival thing, and taking care of family and stuff, paying expenses,that are seen as the only responsibility they have to take care of. 

Now if you ask any person that have a job, that if they would do it just because it supports LIFE and you won't be rewarded for it, do you think they will do it..???  Of course many will say NO. And this is pretty obvious because everything is depending on money, and only with a job can one get the money. So to many they won't even question themselves about this and will disregard that question immediately, because it will seem impossible, and they are right about it being impossible, but the impossibility lies only within the current system, for one to be able to do something as ''working'' without having to be paid for it, and just because by doing it one will support life as oneself and everyone else as LIFE equally.  In an equalmoney system, this will be not only a possibility but an certainty as in: REAL..!!  So within this equalmoney system working to support LIFE for free, would be a normal activity of everyone and everyone is highly trained responsible beings, each one in whatever they will be doing that is supporting LIFE, so each is at their very BEST and optimum supporting LIFE always as one and equals.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a system of abuse as the current monetary system to exists, where within it i have to work to support this system and NOT LIFE.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to  never dare question the system and just accept everything within and as the system, even when i can see that within the system one is being abused enormously to keep the system going.

I forgive myself that i haven't accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how i am using a tool as work as something that will mean creativity of the human body, to enslave myself as the human body using the own functioning creativity of the human body to support a system that does NOT support LIFE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to see work as a means to get money, because in this reality in order for one to live one must have money, so we replaced LIFE with money, where money decides who lives and who dies and how they live and die, something life itself will never do to itself.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to create out of work my own enslavement instead of working as in CREATING as what is the function of the human flesh to use as to create with, instead i made sure to separate myself from my own creative ability and hence enslave myself within and as it, making it a tool where i can force myself and others as myself as life into submission in order for abuse to exist within the physical reality.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to make work into something where i need to be paid for doing it, within which i allow myself and others as myself to be enslaved instead of creating in real freedom,which can only be when we are one and equal.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a system of work exist that is based on consumerism of resources to turn it into profit. So i work only for profit, either for myself or to make profit for others within which i myself  as my human physical body is one of the many resources.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to judge work as something negative in this world, for that is only what i see in working even when i am using work to get money and to after that to get food and stuff that are necessary, because all that we ever use is coming from the earth and is given freely by the earth, but since we see the earth not as a living being but just a planet we so happen to be living on, and thinking and believing we can do with it whatever we like because it is not alive anyway, it have life on it, but it is not alive as we may belief. So within this i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to treat the earth as NOT a living being but just a planet i can take from it for me to continue existing, not ever realizing that my body itself is also from the earth, and so is everything else that are physically here, hence i also treat my body as something i just happen to be living in but i am NOT my body, i am in it, even though i don't have any clue as to who i am for real in it nor how i don't see myself as myself in it,meaning i am NOT aware of myself in it for real, i just follow; 'thoughts/emotions/feelings.' 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to see work as it exist in this world as only a means to survive, without ever seeing/realizing/understanding that work itself as the functionality of the human design is NOT the problem, the problem lies in the characters in my mind and in all minds that want to use work as something selfish that does not support life at all.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to become stressful when i don't have a job, because in this system without a job there is no assess to money at all, and if there is another way to make money that is not the way the system put in place is dictating, it will be labeled as ''illegal/criminal.''  When in reality the illegal/criminal act is the act of putting a system in place that does not GRANT LIFE back to LIFE, making people and everything paying in order to live. Within this i realize that those that put this system in place for them to be the ones in control and believed-power, are as enslaved to the system as everyone and everything else, because for them to have this kind of life-style where they are seen as more valuable and deserving life, they to have to rely on the majority to be slaves through this very system, making them also slaves to it, so now the system is running on automatic pilot and creating more and more DEBT as it was programmed to function as an automated DEBT-creating machine. 

Within this i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be enslaved in DEBT as a DEBT-creature, creating only DEBT as a means to live or have a life, when all is in reality a big LIE. DEBT is NOT part of the expressing nature of LIFE.

I commit myself to make sure i will be/become one of those whom will make sure another system will be in place where when one will work within this system it will be because of one exploring and expanding oneself in one's creativity in the form as work, and hence within this work will support LIFE as it should have been from the very start, but is as of right now NOT so at all.

I commit myself to whenever i see myself going into judgement about work as it being something negative i STOP myself in BREATH and make sure to continue breathing till nothing moves within me and make sure to touch anything that is physically here to remind myself that i am here.

I commit myself to show that the equalmoney system is the only system that will give WORK it's proper value, and that is the functionality of the human body to be creative within and as LIFE to support LIFE as LIFE support ALL and everything.


Larry Manuela

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