Monday, 30 July 2012

day 97, Are Laws Unchangable..??

I have been looking at this point and especially in the political arena and the way public policies are made, that people tend to act as if any law written down on paper is something that can never be changed, as if it is the god that they themselves in their minds belief that exists have written it down, so it cannot be changed nor altered or thrown away. The only ones changing laws are the ones whom are making sure that the laws protect them and enslave the majority that are functioning as SLAVES in a society of master and slaves. So the laws are really really only to protect the masters in the society and give the slaves an illusion that it protects them to.

As a teenager already i didn't like this at all, i found it to be so stupid to tell you the truth,that people will so-called: ''respect the law, that does NOT respect them.''  Acting as if you can't make them change the laws. And what is also not grasped and seen by the people is, that they did NOT have any saying in the laws when they were made but yet when the law is made, the law itself have all the sayings and influence about ones LIFE. I mean   WHAT    THE      FUCK......!!!  No-one making laws asked the people if they will agree with the laws or not..?? They just made them and act as if they are the ones who know what would be BEST for all mankind with their stupid laws. Because understand, i am saying ''stupid'' here because the laws are all made to protect individuals against each other and to protect the rich from the poor and the little group as the very very rich against the whole of the rest of humanity...!!!

This is why for example you won't find any lawyer starting a case on their own, against weapon factories or companies for they are creating weapons for the soul purpose to KILL, and the very stupid law is protecting the companies that make weapons. So if they find a so-called: ''criminal on the streets'' carrying a weapon and he is NOT suppose to be carrying a weapon,they will take the weapon from this individual, and charge him with illegal weapon possession and throw him in jail for some months and depending in which country, it can be years.

Now if it was me, and i find a so-called: ''criminal'' with such weapon, especially fire-arms, i will look on the weapon which company built the freaking thing and held them also accountable for creating such thing where one individual can get it and will use it for it's purpose as for KILLING PEOPLE, because weapons are built to KILL, NOT to GIVE LIFE...!!!  And the people-------all of them involved within creating the weapons will all go to jail and the company owners will also go to jail and will have a super major fine to pay. And the country where this company exists in will also receive a fine that will be very very high, for they knowingly accept weapon creation in their country, shit that destroy LIFE. I will give them a fine that will be higher then the amount of money they have, exactly what is being done with little people in society when they give you fines that they know you can't pay, because it is too high and exceeds your salary and put you then in DEBT, major DEBT.  And then with that money we can create more real jobs and make sure that the ones that become criminals in the streets don't have to make those kind of choices,where they have to have weapons because their lifestyle of surviving in a broken system of abuse is one that is dangerous.  This sounds fine isn't it, but in reality i will not win such a case ever in this system, because of what i started off with saying in this blog, that people treat laws as if they are forever and do NOT LOOK at the facts, if the law made was really really protecting ALL LIFE equally or not..??  The reality IS people that; ' we don't even need all these stupid laws, just ONE will suffice.' And that one law is: '' To always in all ways do what is BEST for ALL LIFE, and i mean literally ALL LIFE, not just humans''  In this ONE LAW, it will be very easy to see that weapons are NOT what is BEST for all LIFE, because weapons destroy LIVES, so they will NEVER be allowed to be built...!!!!!  Of course the smart ones will argue that anything can be used as a weapon, so we need to create other more advanced weapons to protect us from those that are willing to use those ''anythings'' that can be used as weapons. This is the trap we all fall in. Because if everyone had a descent living and everything that they needed was provided for, i BET you that all these now so-called ''criminals in the streets'' will NOT exist at all. But in the current system this does not exist, because it is a system based on master and slaves, and the monetary system is being used as a means to enslave people not freeing them,and within this system there is only ONE way to get access to money, and that is through having a job/wage-slavery. The rest will be considered if it is not aligned with ''having a job'' to get the freaking money, is considered a ''criminal act.''  So if you can't get a job or if you do, but you don't get paid enough to meet all these wonderful expenses in the system you will be trying to do something else that will be considered criminal to come to the money, because it is NOT a job as capitalism dictates.  No-one is looking at the system itself and see how this system itself is the grand producer of criminals in society, and because the system is producing criminals, the system itself is a criminal system protected by real criminals, that will force people in a way to do things they really don't want to do, and then blame them and treat them as if they are the criminals, when it is the freaking stupid system with it's stupid laws/rules/regulations that IS the real crime against humanity and all LIFE. 


 So we ARE the system, because we ARE the ones accepting and allowing such bullshit to exist and also accepting and allowing some individuals whom are proclaiming that because they have studied in some field of so-called: ''expertise''  they know better and will try and do all they can to protect the system and NOT you as LIFE and anything else as LIFE. They see the system itself as if it is the system that is giving LIFE, this is really psychopathic if you ask me, that someone can even dare have it within them to try and argue about a fucking broken system that does NOT support LIFE in anyways whatsoever and on top of that proclaim to be intelligent. A real intelligent being will NOT be that stupid/irresponsible ever...!!!  And people understand i am NOT blaming here, this is what is going on in this world, it is a FACT and you can see it more then clear now in this crisis that is here how governments around the world are doing whatever they can to safe banks and major corporations and charging people with higher and higher taxes to safe the system, and is your LIFE now that they are doing this any better or the BEST LIFE you ever had....????   Time to wake the fuck up...!!!  STOP fearing these people and their stupid laws,when we all get together and stand for real as one humanity, not one of these stupid laws will be in our ways, and we will change them all and make one law: ''Always do in all ways what is BEST for all LIFE..!!'' Nothing that is NOT BEST for all life will be here. And this LAW is for real OUR law for all of us will agree, the majority that is now the slaves. Remember we the slaves are much more in number then ''them'' the masters. without Us the slaves there will be NO master, and a system of master and slaves...!!!  So STOP being a slave...!!!


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a system that imprison me and all life to exist when i am HERE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to belief in people in governments that they have LIFE itself on their number one point in their agenda's when this is and was always clear NOT the case ever..!!!

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let people that are experts and engineers to built weapons under the auspices to protect life, when i know one can never ever protect LIFE by killing it....!!

I forgive myself that i haven't accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand that by having no saying in any public policies i was in fact giving my power away for the ones whom are the real abusers to get their way in making laws that will imprison me and all of life.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to see laws as something beyond me and that there is where no-one should go and for sure no-one should question, when there is exactly where we are being imprisoned through the written word coined out of the minds of psychopathic individuals, that have NO clue whatsoever what LIFE really means and what to LIVE really means, if they would such laws as are written would have never been written, EVER..!!  The laws written down now are imprisoning LIFE not freeing it..!!

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be lulled into believing the laws are here to protect me when all around me i can only see how the laws are NOT protecting me at all, in contrary i am being imprisoned by them and have to abide by them no matter what, and i have absolutely no saying at all within these laws, especially when it comes to how i am being treated as LIFE within this system of laws made to protect the system and not LIFE, as they are proclaiming that Laws are made for.

I forgive myself that i haven't accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how laws at their very starting point was not to prevent atrocities done to LIFE but to more likely increase them and act after that as a bandage. The laws always came in at the aftermath. Laws don't prevent atrocities done to LIFE, and the world is the proof for that, for the world is the the real fact that the shitty laws we have don't prevent abuse to/suffering of LIFE at all, as a matter of fact the laws are causing an increase in suffering and abuse done to LIFE, and this is evident everywhere on this planet.

I forgive myself that i haven't accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how laws were deliberately written down in a very complex matter and with lots and lots of back-doors in them to make sure the abusers can get away in the face of FACTS, with their crimes committed against humanity, because they know simplicity is in FACTS, and complexity is in Illusion. In an ILLusion one can argue that a FACT is NOT a fact, but in FACT itself, the fact is what it is; '' A FACT..!! ''  So i realize that laws are made to go around FACTS and not to address FACTS, and prevent FACTS that will HARM LIFE...!!

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to belief that laws are necessary in LIFE, when in reality if i was truly living as one and as equal as LIFE, i will be free for real, and in LIFE and as LIFE there can be NO laws for laws denotes and enforce limitation and separation.


I commit myself to show that laws are not made as some intended to protect LIFE, but more likely to protect the lifestyle of some individuals that see/belief/perceive themselves as more deserving and valued to have a LIFE worth living on the backs of countless lifeforms on this earth.

I commit myself to never ever give up in exposing the atrocities that are HERE committed to humanity and LIFE in general, and to make sure i will be part of those whom will STOP this atrocity so we NEVER ever again create together as humanity such bullshit.

I commit myself to show that the laws in this world are PRO-system and NOT PRO-LIFE....!!!!

I commit myself to in this lifetime i am HERE to dedicate this life that i have to LIFE itself as an example for those to come after i am gone, to never ever accept and allow nothing that is to be LESS then LIFE or want to proclaim to be MORE then LIFE.


Larry Manuela

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