Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 37, Enjoy Yourself And Stop Worrying. Part 1

Now, this is what people with money and positive thinkers, law of attraction believers, spiritual people and religious people always say. And they even add up to it more, saying; ' remember you only have one life, so instead of wasting it on ''trying'' to bring about a world that is best for all, is a waste of your life, go have some fun, travel see places, enjoy it because the time will come when you close your eyes(you die) and your whole life was just nothing..!!!'






Now the whole sentence above are what a lot of people in this world are saying. I used to listen to this crap before, but since i have come to look at things in common sense, i can clearly see how careless and without compassion one must be to say such bullshit. People whom are saying this are completely separated of the physical reality and what is really going on in this physical world, they are completely lost in their minds. It is not that they can't see it, they see it !! but don't belief that they, or anyone else can do something about it, it is for them a too big of a problem. So because of this they will rather have a good time in the face of the ones whom are suffering and starving and being harmed and abused,  then to actually take a real stand and do something about it. In the picture i have chosen you have another bullshit saying, the same bullshit goes for this one to. These are the positive affirmations people use in their lives to make themselves belief that all is o.k. and fine, as long as nothing is happening to me, and because i also fear that it might happen in the future, so i better enjoy myself now that i can, before it's too late..!!  All of this is bullshit people.!!!  This is the very reason that men are evil..!!  Whom are the ones saying these things...?? People that have MONEY..!!!! Some of you may say;' but i don't have that much money as to classify me as one with money,i have to work hard to ''earn'' a living.' Within this one is not realizing how one is busy being the one of the few in this world that is fine and o.k. within the system. One is not looking at the whole picture and see how the very system one is busy working ones ass of within it to justify that one deserve to have what one have is pure abuse, when all of it is a robbery/pillage really if you ask me, you are participating in robbing the earth and all it's dwellers/inhabitants through the very system that one have come to accept and allow to be the system to be used for men to survive in this world, without ever seeing/realizing/understanding for real that our survival has already been taken care of by the earth. The earth is providing everything we need in order to survive without any problems, but some humans had to made out of that a system and now glorify this system and put it on a pedestal and giving it more value then life itself as in the manifestation as earth. Now have a look at this, the stupidity of us humans, we want to create a system, where the system is trying to be more then life, when in reality there can be no system if there is no life, a system cannot stand on it's own, it needs life, and life on the other hand needs nothing but itself. One can enslave life for a while but in the end one will loose anyways, because whatever that can be created with using life has as it's essence the dependency on life,without the life it can't exist.!! So this means when you break it down to it's last drop you will always find life at the end, life will be the one thing that will remain after the whatever that was created is done as creation. LIFE Exists..!!!! It is existence itself. So whatever that tries to be more then life will loose eventually, because one cannot be more then life when life is truly all there is..!!  All this is very clearly seen/realized/understood in common sense.



I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to participate in sayings that have no common sense whatsoever and does not support life as that which is best for all, oneness and equality.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be moved in the past by positive affirmations that gave me a feeling as if i am doing something right, when in reality the only thing that should have ever been the ''right'' thing to do, was always that which is best for all life..!!

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to enjoy myself in the past without ever seeing/realizing/understanding that my enjoyment was self-interest based, and was linked to fear of not going through the mess that i know is here.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to delude myself in a feeling of enjoyment without seeing/realizing/understanding how my self-interest enjoyment is the very source of the abuse that i myself see in this world and in this try to run from through enjoying myself.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be an active participant within positive quotes that have nothing to do with reality but with my own self-judgement and self-interest.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to find in enjoyment reasons enough to not take my self-responsibility to act in a way that is best for all life, but instead show in all ways my deceptive nature as in being careless and without compassion, because i dare to enjoy myself while others suffer on the same planet that gift us all life equally.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define enjoyment as a means to run away from the consequences i have participated in creating in the past together with my fellow humans.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to never ever questioned the stupid sayings we always use, and within this lived many of them without seeing/realizing/understanding by doing this how many lives i was busy harming, by just trying to be positive as in self-interest trying to live an affirmation in a world that is mirroring the opposite of what the affirmation is saying.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to have planned my days with stupid affirmations that were not aligned at all with the real physical, practical living, but were just dreams and desires of a selfish man, an abusive man in a world where the majority is suffering while the few are trying to avoid this ever happening to them but NOT STOPPING the suffering permanently forever more.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to see wisdom into some of these positive affirmation, when in reality they are reflection of stupidity.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to even connect ''positive affirmations'' to wisdom, when neither have ever done anything practically to bring about a world that is best for all life, so within this both being total failures to/towards/in LIFE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to sometimes saw within the affirmations that there must be some little bit of truth in it, when the only real truth in it was my own participation within the whole affirmation itself as a means to justify why it is I above all else deserve a joyful life and others NOT.

To be continued tomorrow in part 2...................................


Larry Manuela

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