Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 45, Beliefs.

Now, here we are talking about something that in this world among humanity is so so so important and of much value. Humanity have a ''belief'' within their minds that what they belief is real, never ever questioning how it come that their own living is NOT a belief, how LIFE is NOT a belief, but yet they will measure their own living upon that which is their own self-created Belief. This belief point is going to be one of the points that will be very difficult for many to self-realize themselves as in how and why it is NOT real. All their lives was interpreted as a belief. You start by believing your parents, then believing your teachers in school, and believing your peers, and then believing those whom your parents see as people who know better about the particular belief(religion/spirituality) they support or hold as true according to their particular experiences and interpretations in their own world and society, which they upon themselves also got it from their parents and so one and so on..... This whole brainwashing is never questioned.




So now again here we are living in a world, but not really living and we are superimposing our beliefs upon the world, like for instance: ''money'' which is/was a belief, an idea in peoples minds and we give it life so to speak, and now look at it, it has become more then it's creator, it's creator is now it's slave. Be quiet here and see this in common sense. And for every belief we need to use the physical substance to make it real and the physical substance itself that we are using to create the belief with is being totally abused and raped and missed/not seen at all. And when it is seen it is in the form of consuming it, to make profit out of it..!!!

Let me give a simple example. There is this belief that there is a God and the ones believing this got it out of books from those that went before them, that also got it out of books or out of storytelling which is the same thing by the way, you tell it as a story vocally or you write it as a story that exists in your mind as memories, but a story it will still be. Now the book what it consists of and exist as, is real and the words(coming out of your mouth as sounds are also real and part of this reality) of what they consists of and exist as, as in the ink are all real manifested physical substance, but the what is being conjured up from your mind to be put in the books and the ink you use to write the thoughts and to put them into this reality ''the mind garbage'' is what is NOT real. I know this can also still be not clear to you, but let me give another example. I can think that i am on the moon, something we will call imagination,and that many hold as very dear in this world, now when i am busy imagining myself on the moon, is my body on the moon, am i on the moon or only in my imagination...?? But if i write this imagination down, it will still be an imagination, but now i have used what is real to explain or show my imagination, like the paper i will write it on, and the pen i will use with the ink in it to write the imagination down. but yet i am here sitting on my desk in a room on planet earth and NOT on the moon. Now this imagination thing here, in many humans is so important that they will not honor nor respect nor see that their human body is HERE and that it is real nor will they see anything else that is here as real, they will do anything to make this imagination looks real and be experienced in the minds of others as if it is real. And when the superimposing it happens on the physical reality it harms it, because it is not in alignment with what is here and with how things work on a physical level.

Now let us move to our companions here on earth, the animal kingdom and the plants, the whole nature, i wonder if anyone with beliefs have asked the simple question if these companions have ''beliefs'' Is it necessary for them to express themselves as manifested physical expressions as LIFE..?? Do they go about expressing themselves as what they really are on grounds of a belief or do they just express themselves as what they are according to their program/structure functionality...??? Many will argue here, but you can't make an comparison like that. Well i can, because these are all manifested physical living expressions, just like your human physical body,Your human body itself as it functions is not functioning based on a belief, with this i mean the cells and all the organs and you name it, they are following a pattern, a program. So how come they are living/existing without beliefs and are even more benevolence then the human(consciousness/mind)..?? They don't go around destroying earth, robbing the earth, and make war with each other, but the human does and all of the wars are backed by beliefs, whatever they may be, like for example; ' believing that one is more then the other or better(civilized) or smarter so deserve to have what the others got in their countries and go and manipulate them or go and kill them to get it or believing that what one holds dear as one religion or spirituality is true and is better then the other so you don't deal with the others and you see them as enemies, or people you don't associate with. You will just tolerate them to a certain level, but when the topics of what you belief comes up, you will see how you are NOT interacting with them as living manifested physical beings, but as personalities with a belief. Belief that you are powerful, more powerful then the others so you deserve to live and not them, that you are blessed somehow when your life is working for you but not for the others, they are not blessed and in this giving yourself a sense of being favored by this god in your mind and deserving more. The others apparently not, their lives is  total mess, a total fuck-up, they are on the loosing end of this polarity game that is going on in humanity in this world. Most are not even questioning how it comes that their god in their minds is protecting them who already have things and those whom really really need protection are not being ''blessed'' by this god, when they should be the ones needing it the most not those whom their lives are all fine/o.k./good. etc etc..............................All the wars are based on beliefs in some form or another. But yet with all these problems with beliefs,and the facts that they are not supporting life but instead are harming and abusing life,separating us from ourselves and each other as life, still people will choose their beliefs and give it MORE importance and honor/validation/relevance then LIFE itself. They will talk about their beliefs as if it is sooooo important and not LIFE itself as THE MOST important, and when they do talk about life as being important it will be within the context of what it means within their beliefs, so from the starting point of their beliefs itself and within that, what it means for them based on their beliefs, and NOT from life itself, as what they are as a physical human being. If you don't get what i mean here, i am going to give you an example. Lets say you belief that there must be a god and that this god ''created life.''   So now if i ask you if LIFE can be created, you are going to answer me based on what you belief which is what i wrote there as an example that ''god created life''  So this means that you belief that there is some greater and more powerful an almighty being who is BEYOND life itself and that even could ''create life''  But you will not see at all that whatever you will conjure up will be coming only from your mind, your beliefs in your mind, it is NOT your body that is telling you this..!!! It is NOT your breath that is telling you this..!!  It is NOT your world/planet that is telling you this..!!  It is NOT the universe that you find yourself in that is telling you this..!! Nothing that is constituting your living/LIFE HERE on planet earth is telling you this.  Now all these that i mentioned are HERE, but that thing(your belief/thought as example: ''god created life, or give life'') is only real in your own little mind it is NOT part of this reality, this universe, this galaxy, this solar system,this planetary system, this human system as your body, it is only ''real'' in your mind and is true there alone nowhere else but there. You will look at all these manifested life expressions and say god created all this,because of your limited understanding of how it can exist. But this ''god creating all this'' is only in your mind. And you don't have any proof whatsoever that this god and that is, IF this god exists or not that ''he'' created all this, let alone the how ''he'' did it and then hide ''himself'' who knows where and NOT take ''his'' responsibility for ''his'' own creation. But yet these people will measure their lives with and according to their beliefs and see it as a point of reference that they ''need'' in order to LIVE a fruitful, benevolence, harmless LIFE, when all the while LIFE is right here in every breath, but they don't see that, because they are lost in their beliefs, their lives have now been made dependent on their own beliefs for them to express themselves based upon that, and NOT LIFE expressing itself as LIFE manifest as this physical existence. If you are reading my words here that are written using in common sense, understand it is time for you to WAKE THE FUCK UP..!!! Drop your beliefs(ALL of them) and start living and you will see for yourself that life is not dependent on anything but itself, life needs only itself to be what it is, expressing itself in zillions of ways and manifestation some of it you will not even see it as life, like for example the wind/air or a stone or a cloud, or the structures of forms.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to consider and even hold in very high regard my beliefs as being MORE then LIFE itself when i know for sure that without LIFE i cannot LIVE, and within this i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have a belief that there is something or someone beyond life and that is not life it created life, so meaning that life came from something else and have a beginning thus will have an end.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let myself be brainwashed by my parents, my peers,my teachers,religious leaders and political leaders to take knowledge and information as in the form as beliefs as more important then LIFE.


I forgive myself that i haven't accepted and allowed myself to question my own beliefs in relation to my physical reality in common sense to see if what i belief is valid or not and if it is in alignment with my physical living or not.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to squandered life in the pursuit of a belief, in wanting and pushing my belief in order for me to be right in my mind, not realizing at all that being right or not right in my mind has nothing to do with life, but it can affect life if it is NOT one and equal to LIFE and in this becomes a harm and abuse to LIFE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be an participant in allowing the monetary system to exist as it exist today without me ever wanting to change it, STOPPING it together with others, because i know that such monumental task needs the participation and support of all that is here for it to be a manifested reality as in the form of EQUALMONEY that will set us free through and by ourselves.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to give more value to my mind reality then to my physical reality and within this abuse the physical reality for the mind reality to continue existing.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fall in my own self-created belief that beliefs are necessary/relevant in order for me to LIVE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to limit my own living by making and basing my living on a belief, making sure within my own mind that my life will forever more be dependent on and influenced by what i BELIEF and not by how i express myself as one as equal as life, me living for real.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to have a concept of a god within my mind and never question how i arrived at this concept being part of my memories in my mind, how is it that it is there as memory and how come i cannot access it and see in detail how it was placed and stored in my mind as memory that i will use later on in my life to validate and perceive and interpret my reality based on it.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to place the god concept above my life and thus also all others life and in this way live to abuse and harm to the physical reality that is here by either participating directly or indirectly in the form of acceptance and allowance as IF there is nothing i can do about it, and put all the responsibility in my prayers where i will ask this god in my mind to do something, because i myself is to little and insignificant to stand up and join others who are also standing up to for real bring about a world that truly if practically what is best for all LIFE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to NOT see/realise/understand how my beliefs are sprouted out of fear, my fear of death and underneath all of that there is another greater fear that no-one really talks about it or some even seeing it as a fear, and that is the fear of LIFE of LIVING, expressing LIFE, because each know that really truly living in this world will mean you will be the enemy of the system, the system don't want expressive living being expressing themselves freely and growing and expanding and learning in common sense living, but wants and needs SLAVES to work keeping the system of greed and manipulation and abuse going.

I commit myself to through writing, self-forgiveness and my commitments to show as a walk my process to be an example that beliefs are not necessary and that beliefs are not LIFE.

I commit myself to try my utmost best to explain to each one who wants to know how beliefs are not real but illusions of grandeur in our minds, the only place where beliefs are possible.

I commit myself to prepare myself to when the time comes and humanity is ready for the message of oneness and equality to take my stand and stance in explaining it in utmost detail and simplicity and specificity so all may see/realise/understand what oneness and equality, that which is LIFE truly means.


Larry Manuela

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