Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 47, Trying. Part 1

This word, when it comes to living, expressing-  is totally a word much heavy then fuck, cunt,shit and all those words you consider ''bad'' words. you know why..?? Because in this word one is leaving a backdoor open deliberately, is not certain if one wants to do something for real or is directive in ones decision, especially when it is what matters to LIFE..!!!

If i use the words ''i will try'' it means that i am not sure of myself, i don't trust myself, but yet i am aware that something must be done.

There are lots of problems in this world, the we cannot go about ''trying'' to fix them one by one, because we may never reach the end of trying to fix them. By the time we are at the fixing of the second one, a new one will appear or thousands. Most people in this world have not seen/realized/understood this. What we really need is just to make the decision to stand together and to bring about a world that is BEST for ALL LIFE, and that we MUST do through a system. Why a system you may ask..?? Because as of right now and throughout history humanity has only function through systems, rise and fall of systems. For those who don't want to be in a system of money again, i can understand because you have been fucked by the current monetary system so badly or you have seen how the monetary system created and placed by men has fucked lives of others very badly so that you will render yourself as not interested in monetary systems, and would prefer a ''no monetary system'' for us to just express ourselves as LIFE. But for now in the current level of the understanding of the human and to the extent in which the human is brainwashed to accept and allow a monetary system makes it impossible for us to move from MONEY SYSTEM to a NO MONEY SYSTEM, because it won't work, due to the BELIEF that we MUST live by/through  MONEY as a SYSTEM that is existent in the human mind. Therefore at DESTENI we have come up with this revolutionary IDEA ever and yet very simple, it is the EQUALMONEY SYSTEM..!!


The Equalmoney system is so simple and is based on the principles of the messages of Jesus: '' give as you would like to receive'' '' love thy neighbour as thyself'' practically. But yet as we whom are participating in Desteni everyday come across, are people NOT wanting/willing to participate due to the fears that they have accumulated within and from the current system, or from other systems that have been brand as ''bad'' like for example communism and socialism. But Equalmoney system is NOT like these at all, but yet many will immediately compare it with them, because in the equalmoney system you will find some principles that within the IDEA of communism and socialism also existed, people will immediately not keep on investigating any further, and see that the starting point of the EqualMoney system is: '' LIFE !!!''  NOT ''us'' being AGAINST ''them''

Socialism and Communism were born out of fear and being AGAINST the ones that are the elite in this world, and yet when/where the body of a little group that were to be making decisions on behave of the bigger group would have still existed in these systems. In the equalmoney system the whole group called humanity will vote for all public policies that matters to LIFE. In the initial stages/the implementation of the Equalmoney system we are going to have to place ourselves in positions in this world where we are going to be leaders for awhile just to change the laws/rules/regulations that now exist in the current failed system to just ONE LAW, and that is: '' always do what is best for all LIFE in ALL ways.'' And when this is done we will have policies in place where all human being will vote on them world wide, because LIFE is our concern ALL life, so everything will be taken into consideration when making policies, and they will all be working in conjunction with how things work practically in this world, and must have a best practical outcome at the level of our understanding in that particular moment, so we will always create and keep creating only that which is BEST for ALL LIFE. Understand if you don't know about the Equalmoney system, in the equalmoney system there will be NO profit making, it is NOT about making profit..!!! Profit will NOT exist at all in an Equalmoney system. It is about SUPPORTING LIFE on a very grand scale, it is a monumental task that requires the participation of all humans for it to work..!!!!!

Now all that i have written here about the equalmoney system is to tell you the following: '' WE ARE NOT TRYING TO DO THIS..!!!''  We are DOING it...!!! Walking breath by breath doing whatever it takes, in whatever way we can to support this great idea born out of common sense, out of oneness and equality/LIFE. Some are already studying now if they don't have the degrees that can place them into positions in this world where they can make the change. All everyone in the group is doing is to give our support to LIFE something more humans should be doing, but at the moment most are sleeping and having only nightmares in their sleep. So your nightmares are going to scare you the fuck up..!!! But when you do, don't forget that you were the dreamer of the nightmare...!!!!!

Some are arguing that all we need to do is educate the people. But this won't work, because the system in place does not support such ideas, and does not want people to be able to question the system, and not all people have the access to money as those whom are saying this have, and the current education is more focused to in educating people to become slaves/workers, and not educate people so they will do always what is best for all LIFE. This does not exist in the current education. In the current educational system it is all about educating yourself and that is IF you have money to afford it, so you can maybe/possibly get a job that pays you well in the future when you are done studying. That is all education is all about in this current world system.!!! Education in the current system is based on training people to become better parasites that look for more and better ways to mine the earth of it's resources and use the human being itself to as a resource without them knowing it to make more and more profit..!! Perfect it appears isn't it..?? Well not at all, because this is abusive, and harmful, and the earth does not have infinite resources, and the human is also not an infinite resource, and to see the human and the earth  and the rest of the earth's children as RESOURCES, something one can abuse and manipulate and own is already beyond insanity. But yet here we are doing exactly that, the ''beyond insanity'' thing. 

To be continued in part 2......................


Larry Manuela

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